Games Like GTA 5 For Android!!

One of our favourite video game series in PC is GTA (Grand Theft Auto). Especially, the latest game of this series named GTA 5 has got so much popularity that even smartphone gamers want to have this game on their mobile screen & we all know, that’s not utterly possible. But there are some games … Read more

Upscaling 1080p to 4k!! How Is It Possible?!

Every one of us is familiar with this terminology as in today’s world, almost every TV from mid-range to high-end comes with this feature named upscaling. So, what basically is this upscaling? how does it actually work? & how will this feature be beneficial for televisions? Is upscaling 1080p to 4k possible? All of these … Read more

Best Marvel Games for Android Right Now!

Since childhood, all of us are the fans of superheroes from DC & Marvel. DC is more popular for its comics & TV shows, while Marvel has more fan base for their movies under MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Anyway, For gamers like us, both of these companies have launched & sponsored different types of superhero … Read more

Enable G-SYNC On NVIDIA Graphics Cards: G-SYNC Compatible Graphics Cards

G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive sync technology developed by Nvidia to eliminate screen tearing and screen stuttering. By syncing the monitor’s refresh rate to the frame rate of the outputting device such as a graphics card, this technology solves the problem. Of course, it’s a proprietary technology by NVIDIA. So, for a device, in order … Read more

TV Vs Monitor: Which One Should Be Picked?

In terms or look as well as usefulness, TV & monitor, both are quite same in the perspective of many users and thus, they believe these two as same which is a huge misconception. Even some professional gamers are confused about what they should need for their gaming, a high-end modern TV or a quality … Read more

How to Install Games from Steam? [Step by Step]

If you’re planning to play your favorite games into your PC then the first thing you have to do is to buy that game from somewhere. You can book a physical copy from stores, choose a digital copy from digital game distribution services like Steam, Epic Games, etc. or you can even grab your copy … Read more

The Dark Truth Behind Pirated Games! Be Alert!

Many of the PC gamers questions about purchasing the original games because they think that first of all, a lot of money will be paid then moreover, a lot of data will be needed to download an original game whereas in case of pirated games, they are absolutely free and some of them are even … Read more

External GPUs: How Do They Work?

Nowadays, External graphics processing unit or, in short, EGPUs are the talk of the town. Why? Because it is rumoured that using an External GPU provides your old laptop much more graphics processing power than its internal one. What do you think? Does it seem true fact to you or its just a hoax that … Read more

PC Vs Console: Is PC Gaming Still Better in 2020?

The absolute battle between PC gamers and console gamers continues for the ages. Some say gaming in PC is more entertaining whereas some others say console gaming is more beneficial and comfortable. So, its really confusing and arguable to say which platform is really better for gaming? That’s why, in this article, I am going … Read more