The Dark Truth Behind Pirated Games! Be Alert!

Many of the PC gamers questions about purchasing the original games because they think that first of all, a lot of money will be paid then moreover, a lot of data will be needed to download an original game whereas in case of pirated games, they are absolutely free and some of them are even available in compressed version so that you don’t need so much data to download like the original one. So, why to waste a lot of money on our favourite games rather we should better download the cracked versions of the games that are fully free; am I right? No, Absolutely Not! If you, as a user, think that pirated games are beneficial for you then my dear friend, you are in a big misconception and you definitely don’t have any idea about the dark truth behind these pirated games. You don’t know how these pirated games can harm your PC as well as your important data. Continue reading this article to know how dangerous these pirated can be for you!

How Do the Pirated Game Distributers Get Profit?

There are numerous websites that provides thousands of PC games for absolutely free as those games are hacked by the hackers who work for those websites. So, instead the original games which costs 2000-5000 Rupees, these websites provide the games in totally free of cost. But the question is; how do these website owners or those hackers get the profit? Well, let’s dive deep into the dark truth behind these pirated games.

You may notice various types of advertisements in these websites. This is how these websites earn but the hackers who work for them, earn their profits in much different as well as dangerous ways.

Betraying Antiviruses Is Possible for Pirated Games!

Basically, the hackers abuse the files of the original games by adding malicious programs or Cryptocurrency Mining Software or some types of viruses. So, when any user installs these pirated games in the system, the viruses are also be installed in it on which the user does not have any idea. Moreover, if the user checks the task manager to see what is running on the background, he can’t even identify those viruses. In most of the cases, those malicious programs deceive the antiviruses of our computers.

You may have noticed the fact that whenever you start installing a pirated game, the setup window of this game advises you to disable the antivirus program otherwise the game will not be installed properly. This is basically a trick and this is how those viruses or malicious programs deceive the antiviruses and also our minds. On the other hand, if you don’t disable the antivirus of your device then either the game will not install easily or it will not run properly. This happens because the antivirus deletes some files of that pirated game as those files seem infected to the antivirus. In short, antivirus saves your data and your device from a major loss. That’s why we recommend that never disable antivirus in such cases otherwise danger will be knocking to your door.

You may disable the antivirus for the sake of the enjoyment of playing games but when you lose your important data or passwords on your computer, you will realize how nonsense you were! But, when you purchase an original game from a trusted website, you will never notice anything like disabling antivirus or such rubbish things before installing.


Mining Software Are More Harmful Than You Think!

Let’s know how these hackers earn through the mining software. Actually, when these mining software become installed through the pirated games in the system software, various types of cryptocurrencies are started to mine in that system by which the hacker gets a large amount of profit. And, thanks to those mining software because the users face a huge loss.

First of all, for this nasty mining software, your electricity bill will increase a lot. You know why? Because this mining software use the computer’s CPU as well as GPU’s processing power for mining that directly brings a huge amount of money to the hacker and obviously if CPU & the GPU do a lot of processing then they will start to consume more electricity. Thus, it will increase your electricity bill. Secondly, as this mining software heavily loads the CPU & GPU, it will lead to a slow down of the system, and indirectly it will decrease the life of the computer.

So, is that all these hackers can do?! Unfortunately, a big NO! This is just the starter. Continue reading to know what more dangerous things they can do to a user if the user installs their pirated games.

Beware of Ransomware!

You maybe heard a bit about ransomware attacks and if you don’t have any idea about it then here’s the long story short; your data is encrypted by the hackers and they take the decryption key with them. In that case, to get the key, you have to pay them the money they ransom in a limited time. If you don’t do that, they definitely destroy your data forever although most of the cases, despite getting the ransom money, the hackers do not give the key to their victims.

Well, these ransomware attacks are also applied in these pirated games. For example, suppose, you have downloaded & installed a pirated game (that costs 2000 Rupees for the original version) from an unknown website. Now, you have enjoyed the game for a while. After sometimes, whenever you restart your computer, a message like this displays to the screen that says about your data which has been encrypted & if you want your data back then you have to pay the ransom. So, playing pirated games can lead you to a scenario like this.


Infectious Botnet Is Calling Your PC!

Another way the hackers earn their profit is to create botnet. Actually, botnet is a network, created & connected by infected computers by which the hackers can commit criminal activities in a large scale. So, if your computer becomes the victim of botnet, it must be a big problem for you. We can’t even think of what will be the consequences for this in the near future!

Why Original Games Are Gold!

Also, if you are using net banking or some important stuff in your computer, it will be a way more Danger for you to play those malicious games. They can steal all of your passwords that are saved in the browser along with all the social media accounts. Matter of fact, If you use your computer just for gaming & nothing else and you don’t that much care about security, still you should not play pirated games. Think about it; purchasing original games provides you extra downloadable contents that mean extra missions & features. Moreover, you can play online multiplayer with other friends in the original games.

Lastly & most importantly, full safety and security are guaranteed without any confusion. Therefore, I think you have understood this article about the dangers of pirated games. Now, it’s totally up to you whether you will give up on these malicious games & start purchasing original games or not to enjoy them with safety. Check different offers on Steam or other digital game distribution websites to purchase your favorite games at the lowest price possible or even free! Yes, you have read right. Sometimes, game manufacturers offer their games on totally free which means you can get an original game free of cost.

I Got Watch Dogs 1 & Watch Dogs 2 For Free

So, you can see that you actually don’t need to download any pirated games if you do some researches about cool offers and then purchase the games at the lowest possible price. Anyway, lastly, I hope, this article has really helped you. If so, don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts on this in the comment section. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work.

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