Solid State Active Cooling: Future Of Laptop Cooling

Solid State Active Cooling: a new conceptual cooling system that might bring desktop-grade processors or GPUs into laptops or notebooks or even ultrabooks. Ok, jokes apart but yes the cooling system is way more capable than the traditional fan mechanisms used in our laptops for decades. In CES 2023 Flore System introduced us to ‘AirJet’ … Read more

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones/Earphones/Speakers to Desktop PC with Windows 10?

Many of you own Desktop computers and also, Bluetooth headphone or speaker, right? But you may be one of them who don’t know how to connect Bluetooth Headphones/Earphones/Speaker with your desktop computer. Nowadays the majority of the laptop and even desktop computers have their own integrated Bluetooth system but if you have an old machine … Read more

Type-C Pendrive Kingston DataTraveler Max Reaches 900MB/s! Our Review

As USB Type-C becomes popular over the years, manufacturers have come with so many unique ideas that completely change the industry. Recently, Kingston has launched a flash drive aka pen drive or thumb drive whatever you call it, that can achieve a whopping 900MB/s write speed! This is the first consumer-grade external storage that offers … Read more