PC Vs Console: Is PC Gaming Still Better in 2020?

The absolute battle between PC gamers and console gamers continues for the ages. Some say gaming in PC is more entertaining whereas some others say console gaming is more beneficial and comfortable. So, its really confusing and arguable to say which platform is really better for gaming? That’s why, in this article, I am going to discuss in order to end this war of PC Vs Console to confirm and decide who is the ultimate winner of this battle? I am going to explain each and every aspect and feature of a gaming platform and in this way, in the end, we will find a winner. So, without further ado, let’s start the PC Vs console, the ultimate warfare of gaming platforms.

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Price, Indeed The Most Important Factor!

Price is the factor that can turn around a comparison with the maximum degree. It’s the thing that has the ability of forcing buyers to purchase a product that is beneficial and definitely cheap to him/her. Unfortunately, price is the main disadvantage of a PC gamer. A high quality gaming PC can cost starting from 700USD to 1200USD along with all parts and components that are the must-buy though PC games can be downloaded free sometimes or you can find a game’s crack version but that’s not that much beneficial if your sole purpose is to play games. But if you have other things to do such as creating presentations, editing videos then a powerful computer is a must for your work. Hence, you will definitely be doubly benefitted by purchasing a gaming PC.

In the case of gaming consoles, hardly, the price goes up to a maximum of 450 USD whether it is PlayStation or it’s Xbox. It’s very true that almost every game can be purchased to play in consoles still it is economically beneficial if your sole purpose is to play and enjoy games.

Quanlity & Quantity of Games!

PC’s gaming library possesses an unmatched selection of classic indie games developed by mid-tier manufacturers and also some of the most popular AAA games. Moreover, backward compatibility is properly provided in PC gaming. If you want to play old edition of Assassin’s Creed, you can play that or if you want to play the first Tomb Raider game, you can play that too in your PC. A PC gamer can play modern AAA games of recent times as well as the old games that are almost 25 years old. That’s why the range of PC games are literally unparalleled.

On the other hand, PlayStation and Xbox provide a very limited selection of games. If you’re talking about backward compatibility then sorry to say, consoles do not provide that much of backward compatibility. Yes, it’s right you can play some PS3 games in PlayStation Now or Xbox 360 games but that’s it. You definitely cannot play a game of decades ago in your console, unlike PC.

Honestly speaking, if you are going to buy a console, your purpose of purchasing should be focused on exclusive AAA games because consoles are not actually for a wide range of games rather, they provide exclusive AAA games. For instance, if you are a fan of God of War or Spiderman, you have to buy PS4 to enjoy these games. On the other side, if you want to play Halo 5 or Sunset Overdrive, you have to have an Xbox One for that. So, if your sole focus is exclusive games, you should have a console but if you love to play every type of video game together then your PC is enough for that.

Easier Control Methods Is Highly Demanding!

This is one of the biggest advantages that a console possesses and fortunately, this is the reason why many gamers prefer consoles, not PCs. Unlike computers, gaming consoles are easy and comfortable to handle. After a day’s hard work and stress in office, you must want a comfortable couch to sit idly and play games as lazily as possible. Guess what? Consoles can provide you that comfort. Consoles are too easy to operate. You have to just download your preferable game and start playing it or you can download some entertainment apps too. There are no complicated options available in consoles that can confuse you and make you frustrated. Even the games, with the help of gamepads are easier to play than computer’s keyboards.


Actually, this is one of the crucial factors that attracts most of the gamers. Consoles’ simple and comfortable interface is significantly beneficial for the gamers so they demand that type of simple interface with easier control methods.

Graphics are for better Visual Impression!

Higher graphics create a candid visual impression on every gamer’s mind & of course, eyes but unfortunately, gaming in  consoles lack the ability of displaying quality graphics in games although nowadays, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X comes with 4K resolutions with HDR colour technology which is pretty cool but the story may change when PS5 and Xbox Series X will launch as they are announced to have the ray tracing option in the graphics settings and also they are said to have 8K resolutions.

Far Cry 2 Visuals

However, PC has the extraordinary ability of displaying similar graphics for years with more detailed settings like ambience lighting, texture detailing, ray tracing and many more. Even a PC gamer can choose a character’s hair detailing of that respective game. An averagely powerful PC can beat a modern console in terms of graphics so looking in that situation, a powerful gaming PC can easily checkmate any console. There’s no way a gaming console can display better graphics than a gaming PC.

“Mod” games are necessary too!

As the free and cracked games can be easily found for PC, it is obvious that some of these games can be modified too. In a modified or simply, a “mod” game, there are some extra beneficial features which help the player to ease the gameplay and make it more enjoyable. For instance, Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) is a very popular game that is available on PC and different types of its mod version are also available which you can give a try to make it more entertaining.

In gaming consoles, totally free games are very rare and a cracked version of original game is literally impossible unlike PC. So, there is almost 0% chance of creating any mod games for consoles. I am not telling you that this is a disadvantage on the part of console gaming but It’s very true that mod games certainly attract some gamers so to play these types of mod games, PC is the only option here.

Backward Compatibly is a sign of Versatility!

Backward compatibility should be an important factor for you if you really love to play all types of games from classic indie games to modern AAA games. In gaming consoles, you cannot expect backward compatibility that much though you can get a chance of playing PS3 games with the help of Playstation Now and Xbox 360 games but there is no way you can play any games of older PlayStation or Xbox than those I have mentioned.

However, in case of PC, backward compatibility is greatly utilised as you can play any older games in your PC with ease. You can play the older Assassin’s Creed games or if you want, you can play the very first Tomb Raider game in your PC. Even the games of almost 25 years old can be played in the PC. So, you can see that backward compatibility in PC is in full swing whereas in consoles, it just badly lacks.

Playing Tomb Raider Underworld in PC is still possible

Nevertheless, it is announced that the next version of PlayStation which is PS5, will support all the PS4 games and Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series X will have the backward compatibility of its three previous predecessors. If that will really happen in these next generation consoles then they can attract more gamers to play games.

When Your PC/Console Betrays You Technically!

As consoles are easier to use, they are easier to fix too when some technical issues happen with them. In most of the cases, reinstalling the software and clearing the cache will solve the problem you have with your console. If these ways do not work then factory resetting the device will solve it but if the problem is bigger and you can do nothing about it, contact the manufacturer of your console (Sony for Playstation & Microsoft for Xbox) and they will definitely repair your damaged device in exchange of some service charge if your device is out of warranty.

However, on a PC, countless types of technical faults can appear and anything can be happened wrongly as a PC is made of several different components, software, tons of drivers and many more so it’s really a tough task for a general user to solve every problem of a PC by his/her own. As a user, you have to first observe where exactly the problem happens then you should go to the next step of solving the errors. But unfortunately, sometimes, it’s hard to understand the exact problem of the PC. So, either you can contact directly to the manufacturer which is in most cases, Microsoft (for Windows obviously) or you can go to your local computer repairing shop. Whatever you do, it will cost you several hours to solve whereas in consoles, it will not cost you that much in terms of time and also money as they are easily repairable so this is indeed a huge advantage on the part of consoles.

Therefore, you can see that in the hardcore comparison between PC Vs console, PC defeats console in most of the cases till today. Now, what you will prefer is totally dependent on you. Lastly, I hope you have understood this ultimate warfare that I have described in detail in “PC Vs Console: Why is gaming in PC still better in 2020?”. If this article has really helped you, don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work.

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