Android Tablet: Why You Shouldn’t Buy?

I don’t like Tablets, especially Android Tabs for many reasons. I think this is a sector in which iPads really dominate the market. Once Tablets became extremely popular but then their popularity has fallen. Even after 2019, Google has announced they will not make any Android Tablets sooner or later. However, that doesn’t stop third-party … Read more

How to Stay Away From Broken Laptop? Don’t Do These Mistakes

For business professionals and digital creators, the laptop is their most abused piece of tech. They carry it everywhere and their most of the data is stored on that machine. The point is, nobody wants to destroy their laptop but their unknowingly performed activity maybe slowly break their laptop. If you are not careful you … Read more

Top 10 Hidden Gmail Tips and Tricks that Blows Your Mind!

Let me ask you, is email’s popularity decreasing? I know the answer is quite complicated. Nowadays, it’s quite hard to find someone without having an email id but it’s quite hard to find someone who uses email to chat with someone. Yes, it’s abandoned for personal use rather it only has the use for authentication … Read more

Change these Facebook Privacy Settings Right Now!!

It is no surprise that Facebook collects tons of personal information about us by default. The application itself accesses so many things on our phone. So, we don’t have any idea what it does with so much access. Moreover, Facebook never clearly reveals what they actually do with all of these personal data. So, what … Read more

Download Photos from Instagram – Best Methods Ever!

Every day, billions of people post tons of photos on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. But, unlike Facebook & Twitter, Instagram doesn’t provide any native option to download photos from Instagram. Although there’s an official way to download all the media of your own account, nevertheless there is actually no process available on Instagram to download photos of other’s accounts. That’s why, we have to depend on third-party tools, apps & … Read more

Best Screen Recorder Apps – 2021 [Updated!]

In the era of YouTube and many other online video streaming platforms, screen recording is a must if you are a live streamer or content creator. One can record, save and show any gameplay or application tricks to others by using a screen recorder app. For screen recording, some users may rely on the inbuilt … Read more

10 Best Facebook Messenger Games You Shouldn’t Miss!

Even a couple of years ago, Facebook was only a social media platform & Facebook Messenger was a simple online messaging app in which you can chat with your Facebook friends. But, in recent times, Facebook & Messenger both have been updated so much with tons of entertaining features. Playing video games is one of … Read more

How to Download Facebook Videos On Android?!

Every day, billions of people post tons of videos in the arguably biggest & most popular social media platform which is none other than Facebook. Facebook is getting ready for a long time in order to beat YouTube but, the time has definitely not come yet. Anyways, just like YouTube, the regular Facebook app (not … Read more

WhatsApp Vs Telegram – What Is Better Chatting Platform?

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WhatsApp Vs Messenger – What Are The Differences?

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