Metal Vs Plastic Vs Glass: Build Material For Phones Explained!

Decades ago, phones were only made from one thing which is plastic but over the past few years, a huge change has been brought in the cell phone industries, and now, phones are made with various types of materials such as glass, metal, leather, ceramic, etc. You cannot confirm particularly one material as best or … Read more

Are High Capacity Battery Phones Safe For Us?

Almost all of us are fond of more batteries in smartphones nowadays. We want powerful batteries so much that some of us wish we can use our phones most likely forever! In today’s world, we purchase 6000 mAh battery mobile phones, 8000 mAh battery mobile phones or even 10000 mAh battery mobile phones but do … Read more

Redmi Note 8 Pro: Problems That Every User May Face

One of the best mid-range smartphones in 2019 is Redmi Note 8 Pro. Along with the impressive design and cool outer look, this phone has just smashed the market within a few days. Note 8 Pro drives the consumers crazy. What is its specialty? You should be asking what is not! This phone is entirely … Read more