Windows 10X: A Simplified Necessity for Us!

I hope, you guys have already heard about Chrome OS – which is a cloud-based operating system developed by Google. Similarly, Microsoft has already announced their version of Chrome OS which they prefer calling Windows 10X. Introduction like this definitely forces readers to think about; Are Chrome OS & Windows 10X the same? Is Windows … Read more

Laptop Vs Desktop CPU: The Differences You Should Know!

CPU AKA Processor is a silicon-based component that is a very essential part of every single type of computer. But they are obviously not interchangeable with each other. A smartphone or a tablet possesses a different type of processor while a laptop has different, a server has a different one & a desktop too. There … Read more

2.5 Vs 3.5 HDD: What is Better & Why?

Every personal computer must have some kind of storage device that stores the data about the operating system as well as the user’s personal data. Nowadays, hard disk drives are everyone’s favorite option because they are cheap, reliable, and also fast enough to handle almost every task. But if we tear apart our laptop and … Read more

Google Vs DuckDuckGo: Overall Best Vs Most Secure?!

Privacy should always be the first concern when you are rambling around the internet. Speaking about privacy, if I ask you which search engine is best to maintain your privacy? – your answer may be Google, Bing, or Yahoo! Right? but actually, they are not so reputed to maintain a user’s privacy. So, is there … Read more

2.4 GHz Vs Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse: Which One Should You Buy?

If you go to market for purchasing a wireless mouse or keyboard or even combo then you will get two options. One is Bluetooth & the other one is USB Radio Frequency (RF). Now, the question is; what type of wireless peripherals we should buy & why we should buy this or that. So, let’s … Read more

Upscaling 1080p to 4k!! How Is It Possible?!

Every one of us is familiar with this terminology as in today’s world, almost every TV from mid-range to high-end comes with this feature named upscaling. So, what basically is this upscaling? how does it actually work? & how will this feature be beneficial for televisions? Is upscaling 1080p to 4k possible? All of these … Read more

What is Disk Partitioning? Advantages & Disadvantages Explained!

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How to Fix Ghost Touch Problem from Your Smartphone?

When devices start to react to nonexistent touches or open applications without having done anything then we can say, this is a ‘Ghost Touch’ problem. Actually, smartphones touch screens perform actions by themselves when this problem occurs. Of course, this is a pretty annoying problem, and most of the time it can’t be solved without … Read more

Enable G-SYNC On NVIDIA Graphics Cards: G-SYNC Compatible Graphics Cards

G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive sync technology developed by Nvidia to eliminate screen tearing and screen stuttering. By syncing the monitor’s refresh rate to the frame rate of the outputting device such as a graphics card, this technology solves the problem. Of course, it’s a proprietary technology by NVIDIA. So, for a device, in order … Read more

Differences Between HD Ready & Full HD: Choose Wisely!

You may have noticed these terminologies like HD Ready, Full HD, UHD, UHD 4K, etc. when you go to purchase a new television online or offline too. These terminologies refer to the different resolutions of the televisions. In this short article, we are going to discuss the differences between HD Ready & Full HD; and … Read more

SATA Vs PATA: Differences You Should Know!

It has been over a decade since we have started using Serial ATA (SATA). By replacing an old & bottlenecked interface called Parallel ATA (PATA), SATA hit the market and rightfully earned its place. Nowadays, it’s very rare to notice PATA on any motherboard. Being a pretty old interface, SATA is not there where it … Read more