2.4 GHz Vs Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse: Which One Should You Buy?

If you go to market for purchasing a wireless mouse or keyboard or even combo then you will get two options. One is Bluetooth & the other one is USB Radio Frequency (RF). Now, the question is; what type of wireless peripherals we should buy & why we should buy this or that. So, let’s know both of these technologies’ advantages & disadvantages in order to ultimately decide what you should choose between them. Let’s know 2.4 GHz Vs Bluetooth keyboard & mouse, what we should prefer most.

Low Late Entry: Best for Gaming?!

When you are going to purchase any peripherals for your computer, the first thing you should look for about the product is that how low the Late Entry of the product is so that whenever the input is made, the computer immediately accepts it & starts to work according to it. In simple words, while playing competitive video games, when you move your mouse or press any button on the keyboard, the character immediately shoots, runs or whatever you want. If the late entry of a peripheral like mouse of keyboard is more then it will be very problematic especially for the competitive gamers because the computer will not take action immediately after your input. That’s why you should always look for less late entry in a peripheral product.

In USB RF, we can get the late entry around 1 millisecond whereas in case of Bluetooth, the late entry that we can get is around 1.3 millisecond. So, if you are a professional gamer or if you want actions completed as quickly as possible then you should go for USB RF. But if you don’t want that immediate response from your computer & you don’t have heavy tasks to do in limited time then you can go for Bluetooth too. However, late entry is not the best factor by which we can claim that USB RF is better for every user.

Connecting with Portable Devices; Safe or Not!

If you are thinking of connecting your keyboard & mouse with any portable device then USB RF will be a pretty bad choice. Why? We are telling you why. USB RF has a dongle which you have to connect with a host device such as laptop, mobile phone, iPad etc. After that connection, that keyboard or mouse starts to work. This is where the actual problem lies. In the USB RF Dongle, the USB port that is used for connection is a full-sized USB Type A port and every one of us is well aware of the fact that generally, no portable device come with USB Type A port although some tablets may come with this port but in smartphones? Definitely not a chance. No mobile phone is available with USB Type A port & we all know that. Now, in this situation, you have to purchase an OTG cable. It can be a micro-USB or USB Type C depending upon your device. You have connected your RF receiver with that OTG cable and then, you can finally use the keyboard & the mouse.


Now, if you are a person whose profession needs lots of travelling, USB RF maybe the worst choice for you. Because while travelling, if the OTG cable or the USB RF receiver somehow gets lost, your keyboard & mouse will be totally useless for sure. However, there are the option available for USB Unifying Receiver but not every keyboard & mouse support it. You can research whether the USB Unifying Receiver works with your peripheral devices or not.

On the contrary, if your mouse & keyboard support Bluetooth then there will be no problem like this. Nowadays, every portable device such as laptops, smartphones, tablets has the inbuilt Bluetooth support. So, if your mouse & keyboard support Bluetooth then you can easily connect them with your portable devices. There will be no need of any receivers or other devices & once connected, the devices can stay connected with each other forever via Bluetooth. If by any chance, your portable device doesn’t have the Bluetooth support, you can purchase a Bluetooth Receiver for that. So, this is no doubt one of the biggest advantages for a user who needs to connect mouse or keyboard with portable devices. For these types of users, Bluetooth supported keyboard & mouse is indeed the better option.

How to Connect Peripherals with A Portable Host Device Via Bluetooth?

The mouse and keyboard do not automatically connect with the host device for the first time. You have to do some manual work here in order to make a Bluetooth connection between the peripherals & the host device. First & foremost, you have to enable the Pairing Mode of the peripherals & the host device which can be a laptop, smartphone or any other portable device. Then you have to wait until both of these devices detect each other.  After detecting, they will connect with each other via Bluetooth. This is the very first step of pairing. Now, as the pairing is completed, you have nothing to do from the next time because both the host device and the peripherals will automatically be connected with the help of Bluetooth. Then they will start to work.

This is the step that you have to take for once in order to make a Bluetooth connection between your mouse & keyboard and your host device. If you want to connect your mouse & keyboard with a different host device then again, for once, you have to enable the pairing mode of all the devices to finish the pairing. Then you can connect your Bluetooth mouse & keyboard easily again & again with the host device without doing almost nothing.


On the other hand, for USB RF, the connection is always simple & actually very simple. You have to just connect the dongle and the operating system of the device will automatically start downloading drivers regarding that mouse or keyboard. Within a couple of minutes, the mouse or keyboard will be perfectly ready to use. But as we have already mentioned the fact that if the RF receiver somehow gets lost, the mouse or the keyboard will be of no use. If the peripherals support USB Unifying receiver then you will get a second chance of using them but if not then they are useless.

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The Final Words about What You Should Buy

Therefore, the difference of 2.4 GHz Vs Bluetooth keyboard & mouse is over. Now, what should you choose? Well, it depends on what type of user you are. If you are in the field of professional gaming or something like that where low late entry is required then you should go for USB RF but before purchasing any peripheral, make sure that the product supports USB Unifying so that you can stay risk-free. On the contrary, if you are in a profession where you have to journey a lot or if the low late entry doesn’t matter to you that much rather you want a safe, secure & convenient peripheral then you must go for Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. After all, it’s a safer one. We hope, you have got all your answers regarding 2.4 GHz Vs Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse: What Should You Buy? If still, any confusion remains in your mind, don’t hesitate to comment down below right now. Thanks for visiting & appreciating our work.

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