Laptop Vs Desktop CPU: The Differences You Should Know!

CPU AKA Processor is a silicon-based component that is a very essential part of every single type of computer. But they are obviously not interchangeable with each other. A smartphone or a tablet possesses a different type of processor while a laptop has different, a server has a different one & a desktop too. There … Read more

2.5 Vs 3.5 HDD: What is Better & Why?

Every personal computer must have some kind of storage device that stores the data about the operating system as well as the user’s personal data. Nowadays, hard disk drives are everyone’s favorite option because they are cheap, reliable, and also fast enough to handle almost every task. But if we tear apart our laptop and … Read more

Windows Game Mode: A Blessing or A Curse for Gamers?!

Taking out the performance as much as possible from a PC is definitely important for an enthusiast. Maybe it’s for gaming video editing or programming whatever he/she does, performance is always the first priority. That’s why for gamers, Microsoft introduced a feature back in 2017 called “Windows Game Mode”. Microsoft claimed that this Windows Game … Read more

Top 10 Best Browser Games You Should Try!

In the hustle & bustle of our daily lives, we barely get spare time to play games or do something else like that. But, sometimes, when busy people like us get extra free time,  we cannot decide what to do to spend that free time. In this case, browser games can play quite a good … Read more

Best Online Crossword Puzzles You Should Play!

Crossword puzzles have been getting so much popularity since they have become easily available in newspapers & magazines. these puzzles are available in different languages of newspapers of different states & countries in the entire world. Nowadays, crossword puzzles are also available as a part of video games or in some websites where you can … Read more

GTA 6 Release Date!! Latest Update on GTA 6!!

As we have welcomed the New Year 2021 to our lives, we have also waited for the upcoming video games that we will be going to get in this year. And, speaking of upcoming major video games, GTA 6 always comes to our mind. We all have already experienced the awesomeness of GTA 5 by … Read more

Best Games Of 2020 You Can Play On PC

2020 has been pretty challenging year for gaming: with many games’ studios moving to work from home but a plenty of games have released previous year that should be played on the 2021. Some of the games are hyped too much some are not but that doesn’t mean they are bad. So, let’s go through … Read more

Enable G-SYNC On NVIDIA Graphics Cards: G-SYNC Compatible Graphics Cards

G-Sync is a proprietary adaptive sync technology developed by Nvidia to eliminate screen tearing and screen stuttering. By syncing the monitor’s refresh rate to the frame rate of the outputting device such as a graphics card, this technology solves the problem. Of course, it’s a proprietary technology by NVIDIA. So, for a device, in order … Read more

TV Vs Monitor: Which One Should Be Picked?

In terms or look as well as usefulness, TV & monitor, both are quite same in the perspective of many users and thus, they believe these two as same which is a huge misconception. Even some professional gamers are confused about what they should need for their gaming, a high-end modern TV or a quality … Read more

How to Install Games from Steam? [Step by Step]

If you’re planning to play your favorite games into your PC then the first thing you have to do is to buy that game from somewhere. You can book a physical copy from stores, choose a digital copy from digital game distribution services like Steam, Epic Games, etc. or you can even grab your copy … Read more

The Dark Truth Behind Pirated Games! Be Alert!

Many of the PC gamers questions about purchasing the original games because they think that first of all, a lot of money will be paid then moreover, a lot of data will be needed to download an original game whereas in case of pirated games, they are absolutely free and some of them are even … Read more