GTA 6 Release Date!! Latest Update on GTA 6!!

As we have welcomed the New Year 2021 to our lives, we have also waited for the upcoming video games that we will be going to get in this year. And, speaking of upcoming major video games, GTA 6 always comes to our mind. We all have already experienced the awesomeness of GTA 5 by one & only Rockstar Games. Still, now, some of the gamers enjoy playing this me. Well, I’m not an exception. That is why every true gamer like you & me are eagerly waiting for the next edition of the GTA series to hit the market so that we can again dive deep into the world of crime & never-ending action in a much more exciting way. Read the whole article to know all the latest news regarding GTA 6, its release date, and in which consoles, it will be available.

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The Release of GTA 6 is Being Delayed Again & Again!

From a gamer’s perspective, you can notice that Rockstar Games release their major games in about 5 years. For example, GTA 4 was released in 2008 & after four years in 2013, GTA 5 was released. So, in about five years they released these major games. Yeah, in between they definitely released some other games such as Liberty City Stories & many more but they are not major enough like Grand Theft Auto series or Max Payne series.

So, noticing that duration of GTA games’ release to the market, gamers had guessed that in 2018 or 2019, we would get to play GTA 6. But Rockstar Games & Studios totally surprised us when they released the third game of the Red Dead series called, Red Dead Redemption 2 which is also a very major game and after long seven years, a Red Dead series game was released. The Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 and then, the 2nd part of redemption came in 2018.

GTA Online Delays GTA 6 Release for Sure!


But if you are thinking that this was the only obstacle in the way of releasing GTA 6 then you are most probably wrong my friend. Already the multiplayer game GTA Online has been released recently & frankly speaking, Rockstar Games is now fully dedicated to this game. They post lots of stuff regarding GTA Online on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t think about GTA 6. Maybe they are thinking something big for GTA 6 that is why they are delaying the release.

Some Rumours Really Matter!

Another problem is; rumours have been spread that the sequel to one of the best games in 2006, Bully is in development & may release in the early 2021 as the name, Bully 2 although, Rockstar Games did not confirm anything about Bully 2 yet. So, if somehow Bully 2 or any other major games releases in the early 2021 then the release of GTA 6 will definitely be more delayed. Matter of fact, many of the trusted sources reports the fact that GTA 6 will most probably come to the market in the end of 2021 or in the early 2022. If that really happens, we will be playing GTA 6 in 2022 for sure. As for now, we still have to wait for some months until the Rockstar Games confirms some news regarding that game. Till then, you can play other open-world action-adventure games such as Far Cry game series, Watch Dogs game series, Assassin’s Creed series and many more popular games.


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GTA 6 on Current Consoles or Next Gen Consoles?!

When GTA 6 will be released, in which consoles will it be available? Most of the pro gamers & users guess that GTA 6 will be available in both PS4 & PS5 and also in Xbox One & Xbox Series X but in recent reports, it is almost confirmed that GTA 6 will be only available on next gen consoles like PS5 & Xbox Series X. Most of the people guessed for PS4 & Xbox One because of the mass of users PS4 & Xbox One have. So, Rockstar Games should not want to miss those profits. But now, as I already said that most of the reports claim that GTA 6 will release on next gen consoles only along with PC.

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The Concluding Lines…

In these concluding lines, I can assure you that although Rockstar Games did not announce any particular date regarding the release of GTA 6, we can most probably get to play this next edition of GTA game in the end of 2021 or in the early 2022. Therefore, we have to wait for some more months until in near future, we can get the game in the market. Lastly, I hope you have liked this article regarding the latest news updates of GTA 6 & its release. If so, don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting & appreciating our work.

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