UPS – How it Could Protect Your Computer from Power Outage?

So, you have just finished building your PC by just investing thousands of dollars, while plugging into the wall outlet it just explodes. Just kidding but do you know inconsistent of power could bring serious issues to your thousand-dollar machine? Yes, sudden power failures, voltage fluctuations, and crucially power surges would destroy your PC. A … Read more

Why Should You Not Future Proof Your PC?

If you’re planning to build a new PC or thinking of buying a laptop then probably you have heard about the term ‘Future Proof’. It is quite common if you want to make sure your PC could be usable, can handle everything latest in the upcoming years and it’s not going to get outdated anytime … Read more

Laptop hinge is broken: What to Do at the First Sight?

When we heard about a broken laptop, in most of cases, it is broken from the hinge. It’s the weakest part of a laptop. Hinges are actually moving parts and constant usage will wear and tear it over time. Any kind of rough handling would easily break the hinge. If your laptop’s hinge is broken … Read more

NVME SSD vs SATA SSD Vs PCIE SSD: Which SSD Type You Should Choose?

If you’re expecting performance from your PC then SSD is a must-buy component. Doesn’t matter how fast your CPU is, how much RAM you have installed on your PC and what graphics card you are using – if you are still relying on a slow mechanical hard drive to install the OS then the performance … Read more

How are CPUs Made? Silicon Lottery! No, Two Processors are Same

Let’s say, I have two AMD RYZEN 7 3700X. Both the CPUs are the same, right? Well, not necessarily. Two CPUs from the same brand and the same lineup could be different especially when it comes to overclock because of the fabrication process, each and, every processor from the same lineup could be different. It’s … Read more

What is TDP or Thermal Design Power? Explained!

Thermal Design Power aka TDP, when you’re choosing a processor, you could find this term on its specification. Not only on Processors, but TDP is also mentioned everywhere from CPU, GPU, RAM Chips, and NAND Flash of the SSDs to all those ICs who are generating a lot of heat during their operation. So, what … Read more

(DIY) How to Fix Front USB Ports Of Your PC?

As a desktop user, you may have seen a problem when connecting a device to the front USB Port of the cabinet of the PC – “USB Device isn’t Recognised”. Yes, it’s a common issue. The culprit of this problem is generally the USB Port or the USB Cable you’re using. It gets worse when … Read more

How to increase battery life of Your Windows 11 laptop!

In Windows 11, you guys have probably seen your laptop doesn’t offer that much battery life as it was easily delivered in Windows 10. Almost 10 to 15% reduction of battery life comes with Windows 11. That is definitely a problem if you mostly use your laptop in a remote location where a charging slot … Read more

Why Do Laptops Overheat? Laptop Heating Issue Fixed!!

Laptop overheating is one of the most frustrating problems for users. As laptops are getting older and older, this problem certainly occurs from nowhere, and as time passes it is getting hot like hell. That’s definitely an irritating problem. So, we have to solve this problem otherwise the machine might not last long. Anyway, let’s see what … Read more

USB Type-C, DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3.0 – Myths Busted!!

Nowadays Type-C ports are commonly used in so many devices. From Macs to Windows machines, smartphones and even some of the other devices are now featuring this connector but all the Type-C ports are not the same. It’s up to the manufacturer which protocol or interface this connector supports. Especially on laptops, a Type-C port’s … Read more

Why your laptop or Desktop gives you electric shock?!

You may have experienced a slight electric shock from your laptop’s or desktop’s metal body and sometimes from the exposed metal portion of the connected cables like HDMI, USB, etc. You have probably thought, why is this strange behavior happening? Is this a real problem? Should I have to fix this? Well, you will get … Read more

Windows Drive Letters Start With ‘C’! What about the A: and B: Drives?

You guys have probably seen that in Windows, the drive letter assigning process always starts from ‘C’ [Ex. Local Disk (C:)]. So, why does this strange thing always happen? Why are the alphabets like (A:) or (B:) never used at the beginning? Well, there is a reason and I can assure you, you will get … Read more