(DIY) How to Fix Front USB Ports Of Your PC?

As a desktop user, you may have seen a problem when connecting a device to the front USB Port of the cabinet of the PC – “USB Device isn’t Recognised”. Yes, it’s a common issue. The culprit of this problem is generally the USB Port or the USB Cable you’re using. It gets worse when … Read more

USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter: Things You Should Know Before Purchasing

3.5 mm audio jacks are quite important when it comes to plug-in our existing headphones but these days with the bleeding edge of technology, smartphone manufacturers are terminating the 3.5 mm audio jack from their smartphones even slowly from their mid-range and affordable devices. We understand, not everyone can afford wireless headphones or earbuds by … Read more

Phone Skins Vs Phone Cases: Who Will Win?

Nowadays skins are becoming extremely popular among smartphone enthusiasts. It can bring a new aesthetic to a smartphone. Depending upon your device, it’s available in a wide range of variety. You can pick a skin just for the back of your smartphone or you can consider a full body skin. Here’s a question that arises, … Read more

How You Should not use your Power Bank! Be Wise and Smart

If you are traveling a lot then a power bank is a must that you need quite often for your mobile phone. It actually works as a battery backup if you sometimes don’t have an access to direct electricity to connect your smartphone’s phone charger. If you already own this luxury or if you are … Read more

How to Connect Phone to TV? Easiest Methods to Follow!

Let’s say, you have a video on your phone and want to watch it on your big 55″ television screen. Normally what you have to do is to first transfer the video file to the computer then copy it to a Pen drive and connect the Pen drive to watch it on TV. Although, nowadays, … Read more

How to Install SSD in Unsupported CPU aka PC Case?

Old is Gold but this isn’t actually true for our computers. As it becomes older and older, it loses its performance and what remains is a piece of junk. However, we may solve it by doing a couple of steps and make our old PC back to life. One of the most important steps is … Read more

How to Connect HDMI Laptop to VGA Monitor? All Problems are Solved!

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Build a DIY Remote Control for Your DSLR Camera Just in 20 Cents!

Yes, it is possible to use a remote control with DSLR cameras! Basically, for that, we have two options. Either we buy a dedicated remote by investing quite a bit of money or we can connect a 2.5 mm jack in the shutter trigger port and connect a tactile push switch between the wires shown … Read more

How to Replace CMOS Battery On Your Computer? Step-by-Step Guide!

CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) battery aka BIOS battery is a coin-sized lithium-ion battery responsible for powering the CMOS RAM located inside the chipset of the motherboard. CMOS RAM stores all the necessary information of BIOS such as Date and time, CPU type, speed, RAM size, type, frequency, and even the boot priority settings. Read … Read more