How to fix 404 error? Problem Solved!

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[Six] Things To Do During Quarantine Period

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What is Ethernet Cable? Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, & Cat 7 Explained!

Almost everyone is quite familiar with the Ethernet cables. Ethernet cables are one of the most common types of networking cables that are used for local wired networks in home and other places. Though these cables are limited by the distances because of its small length, they are durable enough to carry proper signals to … Read more

What are Device Drivers? Their Functions May Shock You!

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Delete System32 and Feel the Performance!

If you have ever used a Windows computer, then you have probably heard about the term ‘System32’. A couple of decades ago, a strange hoax was coming out i.e. deleting the System32 folder can make a computer faster! As I told you it is a rumor, but what will really happen if we delete the … Read more

How to Check Windows Genuine or Cracked

If you purchase Windows from Microsoft and install it on your computer with your own then it is definite that your Windows is original. But, on the other hand, if any computer shop operates those tasks for your computer, it may be possible that they change the original product key which you give and replace … Read more

GPU Vs Graphics Card! What is the difference?

Many users are confused with the fact, or you can say, myth i.e. the difference between Graphics Card and GPU AKA GPU Vs Graphics Card. You, just like the majority of users, may think that both of them are the same thing and misuse those two terms but they obviously aren’t. A GPU is a little chip-like component placed in the Graphics Card. A Graphics card is a circuit board where necessary components like … Read more

Hard Drive Failure Signs Before Its Death

Hard drive, a storage device that everyone uses to store important data. But what happens if the hard drive fails? Obviously, data loss. You will lose your important data. So, there should be a solution. It would be great if we can somehow identify the hard drive failure signs that it creates before the death, we will be able to secure our data from losing. But is it possible? – yes, it is. Why not? You can easily identify the signs … Read more

What is Thunderbolt? Versions & Features Explained

Thunderbolt is a brand name of a hardware interface developed and introduced by Intel in collaboration with Apple that provides the connection of a computer externally. Both Thunderbolt 1 & 2 use Mini Display Port (MDP) whereas Thunderbolt 3 uses the USB-C connector. Thunderbolt is the one and only interface by which one can connect … Read more

[Best] Games For 2GB RAM PC Without GPU: Play in 2020

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Windows 7 End of Support: What to Do Now?

We all know about Microsoft Windows. This is a group of several graphical operating system families that are developed, introduced, marketed and sold by Microsoft and Windows 7 is one of them. It is one of the most popular versions of Windows OS that almost every user used at some point in time. Though this OS was launched in 2009, even now there are many users … Read more

Is Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media Necessary?

All of us have been advised to use the safely remove hardware option before removing or disconnecting any hard drives, SSDs or pen drives, etc. from our computers but majority of people don’t use this feature while disconnecting their computer’s external storage devices without knowing the importance of it because mostly they don’t see much … Read more