Delete System32 and Feel the Performance!

If you have ever used a Windows computer, then you have probably heard about the term ‘System32’. A couple of decades ago, a strange hoax was coming out i.e. deleting the System32 folder can make a computer faster! As I told you it is a rumor, but what will really happen if we delete the System32 folder from our computer or more importantly are we able to delete it? And what exactly the System32 folder is. Let’s get some information regarding it.

System32 Is More Important Than You Think

In a nutshell, System32 is a very important Microsoft Windows system directory that contains many ‘.dll’ files, ‘.sys’ files as well as registry files. This folder allows your OS and apps to run smoothly. This folder was firstly implemented on Windows 2000. All the OS released after it, even on 64bit windows (for backward compatibility) has this directory. By any chance, if any of its content is missing, corrupted or infected, your system may struggle to boot properly.

If you try to delete system32 then this type of message you will see on your computer

Is Deleting System32 Files A Really Wise Idea?

Let’s take a simple example, if you delete ‘Taskmgr.exe’ file from the System32 directory, you can’t access the task manager and its facilities on windows as you might know the ‘task manager’ is a critical part of Windows. Generally, we use it when a particular program is hanging or showing some error messages, then we normally press Ctrl+Alt+Del on our keyboard and open our task manager and forcefully shut the program down.

system32 consist with Taskmgr.exe which is important for the task manager. If you delete system 32 then task manager will not work.

Not only the ‘Taskmgr.exe’ but also there are so many types of folders and files of different drivers are situated here. So, deleting this directory means all of the important data files of various functions are completely removed, so those functions will not be able to work properly and may show various error messages continually. In this situation, the system recovery option of windows may not work. So, the remaining troubleshooting is the fresh Windows installation.

Fresh Windows installation.

Now you have already guessed that deleting System32 is a pretty bad idea. This nonsense prank ‘removing System32 directory will make PC faster’ was popular since the early 2000s. So, if anyone tells you to do something like that then please ignore them otherwise you will be the victim of this dangerous prank. There are a lot of more effective ways to make PC faster, apply them and you will be noticing the results in near future and ignore all these types of nonsensical things.

Can we actually delete System32?

Now let’s come to another question which is “Is deleting System32 even possible?”. The answer is quite no. we can’t do that normally in windows 10. I have tried in many different ways. Firstly, I have tried to delete it from file manager but immediately failed, this popup message appears in front of me.

Try to delete system32 from file explorar.

Next, I have used CMD in administrative mode and use the command “del system32”,

Try to delete system32 from file CMD.

After a couple of seconds, I have realized that here, I also have got failure badly.

deleting system32 is going to be failed.

Let’s try to delete the System32 folder from the safe mode of CMD and I have failed again. If you are wanting to know how to open the safe mode of CMD, the process is very simple

deleting system32 from Safe Mode of CMD

Go to start button and then click on Restart by pressing the shift button from your keyboard.

When you see this window (shown in the picture below) click on Troubleshoot.

Next, click on Advance Option and then click on Command Prompt.


Caution! Don’t Ever Try to Delete System32

So, as you can see, in modern operating systems, deleting System32 is almost impossible. But if you try some different processes, then maybe that will work, but keep in mind that after deleting System32, you cannot access your windows after restarting. It is guaranteed that your windows will be crashed so don’t do it. If you want to do this madness and want to see what happens then use a virtual machine like ‘VM Ware’ or something similar. As you might know, you can easily install any operating system on virtual machines, So, installing windows 10 will not be complicated. Try this and enjoy seeing the crashed windows. Therefore, you can see deleting System32 definitely doesn’t boost the performance of your PC rather it annihilates your OS.

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Watch this video f you want to know more What happens if you try to delete the System32 folder from your Windows computer” in Hindi:

I hope you guys understand “What happens if you try to delete the System32 folder from your Windows computer?” if so then don’t forget to comment down below to appreciate my work, thanks for visiting.

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