WhatsApp Vs Telegram – What Is Better Chatting Platform?

WhatsApp is definitely one of the best if not the best chatting platform of all time but the rivalries of WhatsApp like Telegram is not far behind. Both WhatsApp and Telegram are awesome in their own ways. Both have great security and privacies, have multiple extraordinary features and definitely both have smart looks. After Facebook bought WhatsApp, the updates of WhatsApp are more frequents as well as more innovative like new and unique emoji, dark theme etc. On the other hand, the Telegram is updated with voice call facility recently. These big updates really hit into the users’ mind with this question i.e. “has Telegram surely surpassed the WhatsApp in their comparison?” or “is it still better than Telegram that comes with its amazing features & privacy?”. These confusions are lurking around the minds of the users. Therefore, we are here to discuss about WhatsApp Vs Telegram so that you can find out the differences between them and choose what suit you best.

Telegram Has Cloud Storage to Store & Secure Data

Telegram possesses cloud storage facility by which you can save and secure your messages, images, videos, audios and other document files in the cloud so that you don’t have to be worried about backups and restore data but in WhatsApp, back up is the only way to secure and store your data.

Support of Multiplatform Makes the Telegram Better

WhatsApp need an mobile app to run in your Android or iOS device whereas Telegram has its independent apps for every type of device to run.

Telegram: Usable in Multiple Devices

As it doesn’t need any contact number to start with, you can use Telegram in other devices just by using your public username and password and connecting with the cloud storage to store the data to that device. But unfortunately, you can use WhatsApp in only one device and not any others as it requires the contact number of that device to start with.

WhatsApp has Larger User-base!

WhatsApp has total 5 Billion+ users across the world which is insanely huge but on the other hand, Telegram has 300 Million+ users across the world though it is also huge but in comparison with WhatsApp, it is way lesser.

Telegram’s Super Groups & Channels Are Way Better Than a WhatsApp Group

Just like WhatsApp, groups can be created in Telegram too. In WhatsApp, you can add up to a maximum of 256 members whereas 200 people can be added to a Telegram group and after that, it can be converted into a supergroup that has a capacity of 10,000 users. Not only that, but it also has more cool features than a normal group.

The channels of Telegram are somewhat like the groups where unlimited numbers of people can be added by a single creator or admin who can decide the post of others in this channel and other can see those posts.

WhatsApp Limits The File Size While Sharing!

WhatsApp may be more optimized than Telegram but when it comes to sharing files and media items, Telegram is much more beneficial. Any audio or video that is larger than 16 MB or any document that is larger than 64 MB cannot be sent to other users in WhatsApp. Also you cannot send a video longer than 2.50 minutes in WhatsApp. Matter of fact, the shared video clips are compressed from the original into a limited size of 17 MB. So, huge restrictions on the part of our beloved WhatsApp while sharing files. Honestly speaking, this is one of the biggest disadvantages of WhatsApp according to the smart and advanced users.


On the other hand, in Telegram, you can easily send 1.5 GB of any document files. So, there is almost no restrictions for file sharing. You can send larger video, audio or other files without any limitations and without any compressing. This is the versatility of Telegram that I like to admit. By far, that is one of the most convenient and helpful feature in Telegram.

WhatsApp Has Its Own Video Call Feature!

The recently updated Telegram now have the feature of voice call but still it has no feature like video call or conference whereas WhatsApp has its own voice and video calls from many days. So, if you use WhatsApp, you most probably don’t need any other video calling apps but if you use Telegram, you have to have another app for video calling to your close ones.

Handy Features are Important too!

Handy features comes to play big roles when needed, so they are important too. Telegram and WhatsApp both possess lots of handy features. In Telegram, you can create your own public username of your account. One of the most useful handy features of Telegram is “Bots”. Bots are the AI based programmes that can do various tasks for you. Image Bot, Gif Bot and Sticker Bot are some of the most popular among all of them. WhatsApp has also its handy features like read receipts selection, chat pinning and most importantly, WhatsApp let the users know about when the messages are delivered and seen.

Privacy & Security = Most Important Factors!

Indeed privacy and security are the most important part of all. Both WhatsApp and Telegram are two of the most secured online chatting platforms of all time and there is no doubt about that. But what makes WhatsApp more secured and safe from Telegram is that it has end-to-end encryption technology on its each and every message that means WhatsApp makes all the messages end-to-end encrypted

so that no one but only the sender and the receiver can read the messages of their respective accounts. On the other hand, Telegram only end-to-end encrypts messages when a person starts any secret chat or conversation in it and by setting a timer, those secret messages can be destroyed or can be done manually. That means, Telegram doesn’t end-to-end encrypt the regular messages just like WhatsApp does.

On the other hand, Telegram has the ability to secure the privacy of the phone numbers of the users as it doesn’t need the contact number to chat with others in Telegram unlike WhatsApp. The public username that the users have created are enough to make connection with others in this app. That’s why you can chat with countless persons in Telegram but not in WhatsApp due to limitations regarding contact numbers in SIM cards and phone. So, you can see, both of them are great to secure your privacy.

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Therefore, these are the main differences between two of the leading chatting platforms. As I have mentioned in the introduction, both of them are best in their own ways. It’s up to you how you choose and what benefits you most. I think I have discussed all the possible differences between the two. If I mistakenly have forgotten anything necessary, you can mention it in the comment section. But one thing is sure i.e. WhatsApp will get more amazing updates in near future and it will be a huge change in its nature. Now, I hope, you have really liked this interesting article about “WhatsApp Vs Telegram – What Is Better Chatting Platform?”. If so, don’t hesitate to comment down below by expressing your valuable thoughts. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work.

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