Tempered Glass Or Plastic Screen Guards: What Should You Prefer?

Do you not ever confuse yourself by thinking of what to purchase to protect the display of your brand new smartphone? Should you buy a tempered glass screen guard or should you consider a plastic screen protector? What will be the best choice and what will be a long-lasting protector of your phone? Therefore, I am here to drive out all your queries and confusions regarding this as I am going to dig down deep into the topic through this article so that you can decide what you should prefer to purchase Tempered Glass Or Plastic Screen Guards for the health of your smartphone.

Maybe all of you know what tempered glass is and what plastic screen protector is or at least you can hear these terms. But what you don’t know is the detailed facts about the two and the long differences between the two. Maybe you don’t know how they are different from each other and their pros & cons. If you know, you should not be confused anyway. Let’s know the facts regarding it that can clear our thoughts.

Plastic Screen Guard

Many users consider the plastic screen guard for protecting their beloved phones. Generally, this type of screen protector is packed, labeled and provided by the manufacturers of their respective devices. Let’s know its pros & cons one by one.


  • The plastic screen guard is long-lasting enough on its own and stays as a durable and tough protector of your phone as it is made of plastic.
  • As it is a plastic material, it is very flexible. That’s why you can easily remove it from your phone’s screen and again affix it on your phone’s screen whenever you want.
  • The plastic screen guard is never harmful to our health anyway. It has
  • 0% chance to affect to our health negatively.


  • Yeah, it is true plastic is durable on its own as it is a soft material. Therefore, it may not break generally but it does get scratched very easily. Even your long sharp nails can be the reason of the scratches on the screen guard. If you are a long-time user of a phone with a plastic screen guard, I assume you are experienced about the fact that how irritating it is to use a phone with so many scratches on its screen protector. Though the life of the plastic screen guards is long, it is not quite enjoyable to use its respective devices with low visibility because of so many scratches onto it.
  • If you are talking about smoothness while touching the screen, a plastic screen guard comes with a little inefficient smoothness while touching and swiping on the screen of your phone. You cannot feel or actually get great smoothness in the touch screen if your phone has a plastic screen guard affixed on it.
  • As we know that the main function of a screen protector, plastic screen guards just lack it. Yes, it is long-lasting and durable with its own and it also survives itself from breaks and several scratches but it definitely cannot protect the display of the phone for a long time because it has the thickness of only 0.1 mm which is very low when it comes to protecting the screen. Therefore, it’s obvious that plastic is not a pretty good protector for your phone’s screen, maybe the tempered glass is the one.
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Tempered Glass Screen Guard

Tempered glass is a type of glass that is processed to be hard enough for protecting the screen of your phone. This type of screen guard is also preferred by many users. Let’s see what it can provide us.


  • Tempered glass screen guards cannot get scratched easily unlike the plastic one so that the visibility of the display does not become low anyway. That’s why you can use this protector on your phone for years after years without any scratching along with bright visibility.
  • A phone’s touch screen covered with tempered glass can be as smooth as without any screen protector of a screen. Tempered glasses are thicker than a plastic one for sure but they are smoother too while touching, swiping and scrolling the screen that brings you the real feel of a smartphone. You cannot have to waste an extra single tap or swipe while using your phone if a tempered glass screen guard is affixed on it.
  • The most important thing that a tempered glass screen guard provided is the quality protection. As it is a type of glass; that means it is a hard material and also It comes with the thickness of 0.3mm to 0.5mm which is thick enough to protect the screen and if the phone screen gets hit very hard, it can break itself for protecting the screen of the phone. That’s why it protects the screen better in compared to plastic screen guards. At the end of the day, you can say that A tempered glass screen guard always sacrifices itself to protect the display of its respective device.


  • Tempered glasses are not durable or long-lasting just like the plastics but they are surely the indomitable protectors of your phone’s screen until they break. If you are using a low-quality tempered glass screen guard on your phone for a couple of years, you must experience that the edges of the tempered glass are broken without even getting any hit. This happens because tempered glasses cannot endure physical pressure especially if it is made with poor quality. Slight physical pressure and it breaks. After this, you have nothing to do but to change the guard.
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  • As the tempered glasses are made of glass, they are definitely not flexible. Therefore, you cannot repeatedly remove and again affix the guard like a plastic one. Once you have affixed the guard, you have to keep it in use. If you try to remove the glass, it will most probably break. So, keep it in mind.
  • If you are talking about health and safety issues while using the tempered glass then I might say; this is the main disadvantage that this type of screen guards possesses. That means, Yes! It is quite not safe and also harmful to your health. Do you know, why? – because as I earlier explained, after some years of using it, the edges of the glass breaks into millions of tiny pieces without even getting hit. But is this a problem for health? Oh! Of course, it’s. Those numerous tiny pieces of the glass can be stuck into the sensitive areas of your body like ears, eyes etc. and can harm that area. Therefore, it is definitely not fully safe to use tempered glass which has some negative effects on our health though quality matters.

Now, you can see how both of the screen protectors differ from each other though they both have some good features and bad ones obviously but both of them are reliable when it comes to protecting the screen of a smartphone. It’s up to you that Tempered Glass Or Plastic Screen Guards which one you choose?

You can get more information about Tempered Glass Or Plastic Screen Guards from this video.

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