Why Windows Phones Failed! We Know the Real Reason

Remember Lumia 650 or Lumia 950? Now those devices are the part of extinction products. Every one of us remembers those Windows phones and there are some users including me who used them once. But those Windows phones did not survive in the global market of smartphones. Microsoft faced a huge loss of 7.6 Billion Dollars in those phones. They bought Nokia’s phone manufacturing department which was the biggest mistake. From the release from 2011 to 2017, the Lumia and its series last only 6 years. In 2017, Microsoft discontinued all the supports and updates regarding their smartphones and also, they stopped releasing new products in the same year. In some ways, this devastating loss was Microsoft’s own fault. On the other hand, that loss was also dependent on the global market, the need of consumers, etc. other many factors. Let’s see what are the main factors and reasons behind why windows phones failed that creates incurring loss of Microsoft.

Low Fan Base In the World Of Smartphones

We all know how Android ruled over the world before Windows phones enter the market. Actually, Android already roots its name in the global market before Microsoft introduce their smartphones. Not only Android but also iOS also makes its name in the market before the Windows phones launch. So, in that situation, it was already very tough for Microsoft to make a name for new products into the global market.

We all notice how much hype creates when any new iOS or Android smartphone introduces to the market but did we notice that much of hype when Windows phones first came out to the market? – definitely no, even most of the users didn’t know initially that Microsoft launched their new phone. Why? Because, we, the users are already habituated with either Android or iOS smartphones and people want to live in the comfort zone forever. One user suddenly does not want to change the same platform that he is using for 5 years. Therefore, it was very tough for Microsoft to create a place for its Windows platform in the crowd of Android and iOS.

Windows Phones Failed Due To Less Free Applications

Most importantly, Microsoft did not provide enough free applications in their app store of the Windows phones rather they provided premium applications instead which makes most of the users again go back to use Android devices. Any simple middle-class user cannot purchase all apps of his need and unfortunately, globally, the percentages of middle-class users are high than high class or others.

Windows Phones Failed Due To lack of free applications

Though the developers of Windows had advantages during the programming sessions, unlike Android where developers have to work hard to lower the compatibility issue. Still, this is one of the most necessary points that Windows developers should have noticed before globally introducing Windows smartphones. But they were unable to understand what exactly is convenient for the consumers amongst the World.

No YouTube! No Google Maps!

Talking about providing enough necessary free applications, what Microsoft never provided to their smartphones is the support of the most important apps like Android provides; YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, etc. These apps not only helpful for us but also nowadays, we cannot even take a step without them. We all know how popular and necessary these are but Windows phones never had any apps like them which makes the users frustrate and again goes back to the Android smartphones.

Windows Phones doesn't have any Google Apps

Windows phones became more over-shadowed by Android because Android is an open-source Operating System that opens an opportunity for other smartphone brands to use the Android OS on their devices for the purpose of making profits. Moreover, when in 2016, YouTube became more popular than ever, Windows phone users could not use the YouTube app on their phones. They have to use YouTube as a website by opening in the browser. This problem made many users give up on this phone because they wanted one of the most popular apps in their device to use and enjoy but they didn’t get it in Windows phones. So, after facing those huge inconveniences, Windows obviously got no place in the market.


Windows Phones Failed Due To Complex User Interface

Some users who are very simple and want an easy way to use the phone in their pastime cannot use the Windows phones for a long time because of its complex user interface especially the Metro UI in Windows 8 which is definitely not user-friendly though it looks very cool just like the Windows in computers. Even some people found this interfere so hard and boring to use that they gave up on this phone after using 2 or 3 months. This was the problem for a minority of users still the developers should have noticed in that issue.

Windows Phone's User Interface

On the other hand, Android or iOS both possess a very simple, cool and user-friendly interface that every people can easily find. In Windows phone, you cannot find anything easily if you are a new user. Though the developers launched Windows 10 with the intention to reduce the complexity of user interface but the problem still remains and the users turn their back on Windows phones and attracted to Android or iOS smartphones.

Watch this video f you want to know more about the reasons for Windows phone failure in Hindi:

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These are the fundamental mistakes that make the Windows phones failed and there are some other insignificant reasons which Microsoft never revealed their tragic loss. I hope you have enjoyed and learned something from “Why Windows Phones Failed! We Know the Real Reason”. Thanks for visiting.

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