MX Player Web Series That You Must Watch

There was a time when MX Player used to be a simple video player app.  Then in 2018, it has become an awesome video streaming platform too with a large variety of movies, web series, TV shows, news and they are all free to watch unlike other streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. You can stream your preferred shows or movies whenever you want without giving them a single rupee. As MX Player has been developed by Indian developers, it possesses mostly Hindi web series and movies, sponsored by the manufacturer of this app which is called “MX Player Original Shows or Movies”. MX Player also contains other movies and shows that you can easily stream for free of cost. MX Player is mostly famous for its exciting and dramatic Hindi web series so that I am going to provide you a detailed list of the top 10 Hindi MX Player Web Series that are worth watching. You can watch all of them to spend your free time and I am pretty sure, you are going to love them. Let’s know one by one.

1.     Hello Mini

  • Genre: – Erotic, Thriller (Web Series)
  • Director: – Faruk Kabir
  • Lead Casts: – Arjun Aneja | Priya Banerjee | Gaurav Chopra
  • Season (Episodes) :- 1 Season (15 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary:- The thrilling story revolves around an independent girl named Rivanah Bannerje who lives in Mumbai. Her life was going pretty well along with her job and her loving boyfriend until a stranger starts to stalks her every move and tries to control her life. Watch all the 15 episodes of Hello Mini to know the mystery behind.

2.     Thinkistan

  • Genre: –  Drama (Web Series)
  • Director: – N Padmakumar
  • Lead Casts: – Shravan Reddy | Naveen Kasturia | Vasuki
  • Season (Episodes): – 1 Season (23 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary :- The dramatic story of Thinkistan lies in the mid-’90s when Indian advertising was in full swing. Two friends, Amit from a small town and Hema from a big city, conflict as well as struggle as they both join Mumbai’s hottest ad agency MTMC as copywriters. Watch the full series to go into their battle of supremacy.

3.     Madhuri Talkies

  • Genre: – Drama, Thriller (Web Series)
  • Director: – Rajiv S. Ruia.
  • Lead Casts: – Sagar Wahi | Aishwarya Sharma | Rajeev Panday | Saksham Dayma | Basu Soni | Ravi Janghu | Preeti Shukla | Darpan Srivastava.
  • Season (Episodes): – 1 Season (10 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi
  • Year: – 2020

Plot Summary: – In this thrilling as well as an action-packed story, Manish takes revenge against the powerful goons who victimized Puneeta, the love of Manish. The polices do not take steps against it so the young man Manish himself goes for revenge for the sake of his girlfriend by unfolding the crimes behind it.

4.     Cheesecake

  • Genre: – Drama, Family, Romance (Web Series)
  • Director: – Palash Vaswani
  • Lead Casts: – Jeetendra Kumar | Akansha Thakur
  • Season (Episodes) :- 1 Season (5 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – Cheesecake’s story makes us realise how important the role of a true pet can be. The unconditional love of the dog Golden Retriever plays the key role that helps to find happiness and closeness in the toxic relationship of Neel and Sameera. Watch the full 5 episodes to experience this awesome story.


5.     ImMature

  • Genre: – Youth, Romance (Web Series)
  • Director: – Prem Mistry
  • Lead Casts: – Omkar Kulkarni | Rashmi Agdekar | Chinmay Chandraunshuh | Visshesh Tiwari
  • Season (Episodes): – 1 Season (5 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – The story of ImMature showcases a group of friends grows together as they face different difficulties in their adolescence time. They have their first drink, first love and they experience heartbreak too for the very first time. Watch all the episodes to join them on their journey to the youth.

6.     F Buddies

  • Genre: – Erotic, Drama (Web Series)
  • Director: – Myshkin
  • Lead Casts: – Jaytesh Calpakkam | Jikki Nair | Arjun Manohar | Aarti Soundarajan | Keshav
  • Season (Episodes): – 1 Season (8 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi (Also available in Tamil)
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – Brilliant, young yet short-tempered surgeon Jay goes into a self-destructive path when his girlfriend is forced to marry another guy. So, follow the crazy tale of Jiah and Jay and how they handle the weird or rather unique relationship they like to call, F Buddies. Lastly, find the “F” within you!

7.     Queen

  • Genre: – Politics, Drama (Web Series)
  • Director: – Gautham Vasudev Menon & Prasath Murugesan
  • Lead Casts: – Ramya Krishnan | Anikha Surendran | Anjana Jayaprakash | Lillete Dubey | Vamsi Krishna | Sonia Agarwal | Tulasi | Viji Chandrashekhar | Vanitha Krishna Chandran | Indrajith Sukumaran.
  • Season (Episodes): – 1 Season (11 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi (Also available in Tamil, English, Telegu)
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – The dramatic story of Queen revolves around a girl named Shakthi Seshadri who was raised as an obedient girl and bound to the norms of society. Her life was changed when she was pushed to her limit and she decided to make her own rules of life. Watch all the episodes to experience her surreal journey.

8.     Hey Prabhu

  • Genre: – Drama, Comedy (Web Series)
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  • Director: – Shashanka Ghosh
  • Lead Casts: – Rajat Barmecha | Achint Kaur | Sheeba Chaddha | Ritu Raj Singh | Parul Gulati | Prynca Talukdar
  • Season (Episodes) :- 1 Season (6 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi (Also available in Tamil)
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – Hey Prabhu is a comedy series that shows the everyday life of the common man named Tarun Prabhu. How he deals his every professional as well as personal problem – is the basis of this web series. Will Prabhu succeed to deal with all these problems to come out of the top? Or will he succumb to the pressure of these problems? You have to watch all of the episodes to know the answer.

9.     Only For Singles

  • Genre: – Comedy, Drama (Web Series)
  • Director: – Samar Iqbal
  • Lead Casts: – Vivaan Shah | Deepti Sati | Pooja Banerjee | Gulshan Nain |  Aman Uppal |  Shirin Sewani
  • Season (Episodes): – 1 Season (13 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi (Also available in Tamil)
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – 6 single people try to lead their life by succeeding the problems they have to face when they go to Mumbai to get a job and live their own life. Watch all 13 episodes to experience the 6 relatable people’s amazing chemistry and comic journey towards their success of life.

10. Aafat

  • Genre: – Family, Comedy (Web Series)
  • Director: – Shashant Shah
  • Lead Casts: – Pushtie Shakti | Nikita Dutta | Anshul Chauhan | Chitrashi Rawat | Neelam Sivia | Siddharth Bharadwaj | Seema Pahwa
  • Season (Episodes):- 1 Season (6 Episodes)
  • Language: – Hindi
  • Year: – 2019

Plot Summary: – Aafat is a story of 5 women who are finding their perfect partner for marriage. On the other hand, Ricky Malhotra, the so-called “mamma’s boy” is also searching for his perfect bride. And then both the parties collide with each other in a comic way. To know what happens next, watch all the comedy episodes of Aafat.

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Therefore, guys, these are the top 10 MX Player web series that you must watch to spend your quality time. Stream all those web series right know in MX Player! I hope, you have liked this article. If so, don’t hesitate to comment down below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work.

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