LED Bulbs Vs CFL Bulbs: Choose The Better One!

The incandescent light bulb which was invented by Thomas Alva Edison is one of the greatest and most remembered scientific inventions in history. Today, the usage of incandescent light bulbs has overshadowed as the other two major types of light bulbs are discovered which are far better than the old incandescent bulbs in terms of energy efficiency and durability. The one is a CFL light bulb and another is definitely LED light bulbs. In our modern world, these two types of bulbs are widely used though there are so many differences between the two. Both of these bulbs possess their own kind of advantages and disadvantages. That’s why you have to be stay informed about their similarities and dissimilarities so that you can choose what’s beneficial for you. Before knowing the primary differences of LED bulbs Vs CFL bulbs, let’s know the basic concepts about these two.

CFL Bulbs

CFL is the abbreviation form of Compact Fluorescent Light. This light bulbs are much more energy efficient than the normal incandescent bulbs but they are, on the other hand, less energy efficient than the LED bulbs. Still, CFL bulb is very popular because of the advantages it can provide in such low price.

The CFL tubes are mostly made in spiral or helical shapes that contain Argon and a little amount of mercury vapour. When any electric current is passed thorough those tubes, it generates the invisible ultraviolet light that awakes the phosphor (fluorescent coating) inside the tube and this emits the light which is why CFL bulbs take some time to lighten up fully. This bulbs are widely used in our homes, offices, schools and other community buildings.


LED Light Bulbs

LED is the abbreviation form of Light Emitting Diode and interestingly, light-emitting diodes are the semiconductors in which the electrons go through and this turns into light. LED light bulb is the most energy efficient light bulbs that is invented till today. These bulbs not only consume very little amount of energy but also possess more lifespan in compared to other light bulbs whether it is CFL or incandescent bulbs.

LEDs can also be recycled after its damage. How amazing, right? That’s why these bulbs gain very much popular than the rest. Though LED bulbs seem costly than CFL bulbs, in the long term, they are actually inexpensive as they are way more durable than other lighting devices.

The LEDs definitely don’t contain mercury but other harmful substances like lead, arsenic is available in these type of bulbs. The majority of LED bulb usages belong to traffic signals, industrial areas (especially mining industries), emergency signals, vehicles, gardens, lifts, modern commercial buildings to attract the viewers, and many more.

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LED Bulb Vs. CFL Bulb: Who is The Winner?

So, you have been warmly introduced with both the CFL and the LED. Now, the time has arrived to know which bulb is ultimately better for you? Which has the more advantages? Which is the absolute leader of the lighting device? Without further ado, let’s discuss LED bulb Vs. CFL bulb.

Full FormLight Emitting Diode bulbsCompact Fluorescent Light bulbs
Lumens Per Watt7260
Electricity used (equal to 60 watt bulb)6-8 watts13-15 watts
Energy EfficiencyUp to 90% energy efficient than incandescent bulbsUp to 75% energy efficient than incandescentbulbs
Life (in hours)50000 hours15000 hours
CostInitially high but comparatively low in long runInitially low but comparatively slight high in long run.
DurabilityHighly durable as it is mainly made with plastic fiberVery fragile as the glass tube can be broken with ease
HeatStays coolHeats up quickly
Harmful SubstancesContains lead, Arsenic etc.Contains mostly Mercury & Argon
Chances of Health HazardsNot exactlyProbably yes
Emitting TimeInstantMostly instant but slow comparatively
DimmingVery little chancesMuch higher chances
RecyclableYes definitelySomewhat
SizeSmallComparatively Large

So, what should you choose now?

Looking at the descriptive comparison table of LED Bulbs Vs CFL Bulbs, it’s pretty clear that LED bulbs are far better than CFLs in terms of safety, cost, and most importantly, energy efficiency. Therefore, you should better choose LED bulbs to brighten your “home sweet home” or your garden or wherever you need to use them as you can see the advantages of LEDs technically overshadow the CFL bulbs. Lastly, I hope that you have enjoyed and understood this article about “LED Bulb Vs. CFL Bulb: Choose The Better One!” properly and moreover, it has really helped you to choose what type of bulb is best for your necessity. If so, don’t hesitate to comment down below to express your valuable thoughts. Thanks for visiting and appreciating my work.

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