Carburetor vs Fuel Injection: Which is Best & Why?

A vehicle engine consists of lots of different technologies. To get the fuel into the engine, there are two types of systems that are used in vehicular machines which are; Carburetor devices & Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems. In the older version of cars, bikes, and other vehicles, Carburetors were used but when in the 1980s, the Fuel Injection technology is introduced, it proves to be better than Carburetor so, it has been widely replaced with Fuel Injection system and thus, this advance system becomes popular. Nevertheless, Carburetors are still used in some bikes and old cars that are run by petrol as Carburetors are said to have better functionality in the case of petrol. Anyway, If you are really eager to know the Carburetor vs Fuel Injection system: which is better? how do both of them work? And most importantly, how do they differ from each other? Then continue reading this article. You will soon find out why Carburetors are replaced by FI technology.

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What is a Carburetor?

Carburetor is a type of mechanical device that mixes the fuel with the air to supply the combustion chamber for burning. In case of Carburetor, you have to manually adjust the air-fuel mixing ratio of 14.7:1 so that the optimal level performance can be acquired and that is where the problem starts. As it has to be done manually, if accidentally the ratio cannot be met fully, various errors occur such as engine damage, poor performances, smoky run etc. because it does not become optimised for low or high-speed usage. If The climatic changes like low oxygen in the air can also harm the carburetted bikes.

Advantages of Carburetors

  • Carburetors are less costly and they are less complicated to use with. Their way of mixing the fuel & air is very basic and static.
  • As a user, you can easily customise the Carburetor manually as your per requirements. A Carburetor’s performance somewhat depends on the user’s skills.
  • Carburetors are not only cheap but also they can be easily repaired or replaced without even touching the engine.

Disadvantages of Carburetors

  • Outdated way of supplying fuel-air mixture to the engine.
  • The chances of fluctuating air-fuel ratio of 14.7:1 are higher in carburetted bikes and that leads to poor performances or even engine break down. If the fuel in that mixture is less than the required, it will lead to slow throttle response or in worst cases, the engine will not run. On the other hand, if the fuel is too much in that mixture, it will lead to smoky run that means the machine will emit foul smokes or in worst cases, the petrol or diesel will flood and the engine will not run.
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  • Carburetors are so fragile devices. That’s why some components such as diaphragm are comparatively very frail & damage-prone.

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What is a Fuel Injection Technology?

In modern engines, Fuel Injection technology or simply, FI technology is an advanced system by which the fuel mixes with the air properly to supply the combustion chamber for burning. Unlike Carburetor, Fuel Injection system is controlled by an ECU or Engine Control Unit that allows perfect mixture of air & fuel every time along with the help of a fuel pump that controls as well as forces the fuel and air so that the air-fuel ratio of 14.7:1 can be precisely met in order to provide optimum level performance. The FI technology also uses sensors that are located around the engine to understand the accurate need of air-fuel mixture. So, most of the problems that occur in carburetted bikes are eliminated in fuel injected bikes such as cold start issues, bad throttle responses etc.

Cross Section Of a Fuel Injector

Advantages of Fuel Injection

  • A Fuel Injection system very accurately mixes the air-fuel ratio of 14.7:1 that leads to smoother & better performance.
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  • Fuel injectors are not fragile so they do not easily break down like Carburetors and there is not need of maintenance of them.
  • As Fuel Injection is a modern technology and it does precisely mix the air & fuel, it also helps to sharp throttle response, increase fuel efficiency and deliver more power to the engine which a carburetted engine can’t do.

Disadvantages of Fuel Injection

  • Fuel Injections are more expensive in compared to Carburetors.
  • Like Carburetors, it cannot be repaired with simple & easy tools rather it has to be replaced which is costly enough.
  • As a normal user, you cannot customise Fuel Injections manually like Carburetors unless you purchase a custom ECU maps which is costly too for a simple user.

Carburetor vs Fuel Injection: Who is the Winner?

Therefore, it’s crystal clear that the FI system is much better for the engine than Carburetors. This is the reason why more than 90% of vehicular engines are used with this advanced as well as beneficial technology. So, if you are thinking of purchasing any bike or car, make sure that it is run by FI system, not old Carburetors. Lastly, I hope you have understood this interesting article about “Carburetor vs Fuel Injection (FI) Technology: Which is better & Why?” and it has truly helped you. If yes then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for visiting & appreciating my work.

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