Don’t Use Pirated Windows! Here’s Why?

How many times do I have to tell you that you shouldn’t use a pirated copy of Windows? You can use Windows without activating it. You will definitely loose some features for that but it’s completely harmless. You will get all the updates, Windows Defender will work and you can use your system without worrying that someone is spying on you. People use pirated copy of Windows because they don’t want to pay Microsoft but want to access the full functionality of Windows. I recommend don’t do that. In this article you will understand what consequences could happen if you use a pirated copy of Windows.

No Windows Update! Who Will Protect You?

Windows update is important it not only allow access to new features but also protect the machine from Malware and Viruses. Microsoft pushed virus definitions and fixed security loopholes and bugs via Windows updates. If Microsoft detects that your copy of Windows is not genuine then they may Ban your system to receive any update from Microsoft.

As a result your system’s security will compromise, bugs are pilled up and without the latest update, some applications may not even work properly. Windows also detects new hardware and download the drivers automatically for that new connected device. If you’re banned from Microsoft then you will not receive the drivers because Windows download drivers from Microsoft’s server. Basically, soon your computer will become Your Worst Nightmare you can’t do anything on your system properly and the control of your data may be already on the other person’s hand.

The Updates You’re Receiving Not from Microsoft

Windows operating system is not free. To make it free someone has modified the system files of that copy of Windows. How do you know that one doesn’t modify the section of Windows update? Maybe they modified the source – Microsoft’s Server. So that all the updates you will receive from them Instead of Microsoft. It is also possible by pushing updates or the name of the update they basically pushed Malware to open back doors into your system. Who knows?

Offering free Windows may be hackers are planning from Ransomware attack. The Windows you are downloading is already infected. After a few days of usage, you might find that all the data of your system is already compromised and encrypted. To free your data they are demanding ransom. Anything could happen.

Your System May be Used For Illegal Activities

A pirated copy of Windows is sometimes used to take down servers. Maybe someone is planning for this and gathering system resources by just creating pirated Windows infecting it and distributing it for free. Many people will definitely download it and start using it. This way the hacker got access to your computer. Just like your system he/she could acquire so many computing powers. Now combining those computing powers the hacker could easily attack servers and take them down. So, indirectly your system is involved in such illegal activity that could create a huge problem for you. The owner of the server may take legal action and start an investigation and maybe because your system is involved then you could be on their suspect list.


You may see performance degradation

Yes, I have mentioned before, you could be banned from Microsoft to get any Windows update because of using pirated  Windows. That not only secures your system but also makes sure that your system works at the optimum level. If you don’t update your system you will most likely see a performance degradation because of different bugs, errors, and glitches and because you are missing a security update then your computer gets infected which obviously slows it down.

Also not always distributors of pirated Windows include Malware. Sometimes they slipped Cryptojacker on your computer. That means your computer will mine Crypto without any notice.

These Cryptojackers are smart enough to trick anti-virus software. Even proper paid anti-virus software is not always able to detect them. So in the background, your computer is mining; the resources of it is highly in use. That not only degrades the performance of your system but also the life of the parts. Your electricity bill will boost up because while mining computers use almost 60 or 80% of their resources so it will a lot of energy. So when your computer is on such excessive load how you can expect that you will get any performance out of it.

You may not Access Microsoft’s Services

When you are running pirated copies of Windows you may be completely banned from the Microsoft store. Even the free applications and software may not be accessible to you. Also, other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office will be banned from your Microsoft account if it’s in paid license. As you are using the software on a pirated copy of Windows you may not use it and your license may get suspended with no refund obviously.

Now only option you left is to use third-party software or somehow hack or crack Microsoft’s software to use it on your banned MS account. I don’t understand why people use pirated Windows when Microsoft itself distributes it almost for free to everyone. The features you are missing in the free version are negligible.


Hackers May Spy On You

When you activate Windows the copy of that Windows gets connected with the Microsoft server when you are stealing Windows who knows what distributed has done with that copy? Maybe it is set to spy on you or your data keystrokes or sensitive information and personal details you are putting on several different websites or even on Webcam or Microphone. They may then sell your valuable sensitive data onto the dark web and make money. Now when your personal details is leaked you will be on serious trouble. So don’t use pirated Windows, please.

You will be in jail

Using pirated Windows as a person is okay but if you are running an organization and all of the computers have pirated Windows and Microsoft somehow identify that; you will be in serious problem. They may take legal action against you. You may be fined or see yourself in jail so if you are running an organization, don’t ever try to use pirated Windows. That not only isn’t safe for all the private details of your organization but also your organization may face legal problems.

Use OEM Windows

I know the original version of Windows is expensive if you desperately need the full features of Windows but there’s a way. You could find and purchase OEM Windows. I have a detailed article on what is OEM Windows and What is retail Windows. OEM Windows is so cheap and allows you to use the full feature of Windows. Basically in OEM Windows you just bought the Windows key from third-party sources and activate your Windows with that. That’s it.

In the Concluding Lines…

Hope you understand why you should avoid using pirated copy of Windows. It’s too risky. As there is no grace period at all why do you want to crack your copy of Windows? Now you can almost use it for free. That’s all guys hope you guys have understood my point. Thanks for visiting.

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