Pirated Windows Vs Original or Genuine Windows! What You Shouldn’t Consider & Why?

Pirated Windows operating systems are very commonly used all over the world and we’re doing this for decades but do you know, how much it could be potentially harmful to use pirated operating systems?

Of course, you don’t know or you don’t care. Retail Windows isn’t so cheap. Everyone can’t afford it but there are some alternative ways to use the Windows operating system without taking such risks.

In this article, we will discuss the dangers and dark sides of using pirated Windows as well as we will find the solution to what can we do if we don’t afford Windows 10 or Windows 11?

Why Should You Not Download & Use Cracked Windows?

in order to get the Windows for free, generally, some of you either download the cracked version of Windows from Torrent or purchase a CD/DVD of the OS that costs a few bucks or download from Microsoft’s own website and then crack it by using some activation software.

All of these methods are dangerous. Frankly, all the ways of having the full version of Windows for free are harmful and you should not do that. Always remember Windows isn’t free if you’re doing anything to use it for free then something very wrong may happen to your PC.

What happens if you use Pirated Windows?

Well, to explain the possibilities, I’m dividing every procedure to get Windows for free into parts.

Firstly, let’s know what might happen if you download the OS from Torrent. There will be three scenarios after you will download the Windows.

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• First is, the Windows that you have downloaded, doesn’t need any activation when you install it. It is already activated.

• Second is, you are given a product key with the Windows you have downloaded. You have to simply provide the product key and the Windows will be activated.

• The third scenario is, you are given an activator software or patch that you have to run to activate the Windows that you have downloaded.

In both the first and second scenarios, the source code of Windows is modified by hackers who are availed the Windows for free. So, if it is modified in order to not to detect or block any kind of virus or malware then Windows is not able to block any harmful activities. Most importantly, you as a general user, almost can’t identify the infection.

Secondly, you have downloaded Windows from Microsoft’s official website and you have activated it with some kind of activator software which is also not safe obviously. This has been discussed in detail later in this article.

Thirdly you have bought a Windows CD from your local market for a couple of bucks and use it on your computer. Definitely, Microsoft would never cost you a couple of bucks for the Windows. These Windows copiers are no doubt pirated Windows and these Windows can definitely bring harm to you.

What can possibly happen if your computer is infected?

Nothing much if you really don’t bother about all these things. Just your valuable data can be stolen, or your computer’s data can be encrypted, your privacy can be exposed by using your computer’s webcam or microphone, or maybe your system can be used to perform cyberattacks or just a virus downloading mining software on your computer to generate money using your system’s resources that leads to higher electricity bill and ultimately, this will affect the computer’s life badly!

Does Pirated Windows Get All the Updates?

Now, many of you may think; whether Microsoft is aware and informed about using the pirated Windows or not. Yes, Microsoft is aware of all those free pirated Windows that are used. Before launching any update for the OS, Microsoft verifies their products to know if any Windows system files aka source code have been modified or not.

If it is then sometimes few security updates are skipped and in some cases, no security updates are provided to the cracked Windows. So, you guessed it, without the latest security updates, a computer with pirated Windows can be vulnerable to hackers! This is another unignorably harmful side of Using Pirated Windows.

Although pirated Windows gets most of the ‘feature’ updates from Microsoft.

Pirated Windows sometimes don’t get updates from Microsoft

Yes, you read right, In some cases, the hackers modify the Windows in such a way that the OS will not get updates from Microsoft rather it will get updates from the hacker’s server. It’s very hard for you as a normal user to identify the source of the updates and you may not detect what the hacker will give in the name of updates.


Maybe, your data is stolen by using the name of update or some mining software is installed. The hacker can also send viruses or malware to your system.

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If nothing bad happens! It is also possible that the hacker creates a backdoor by giving fake updates to your system by which he can get access to your valuable data, microphones, or even your computer’s camera! Anytime and, this will obviously spoil your private life! So, there are countless harmful and dangerous sides to using pirated Windows.

What about Activator Software?

Well, if you download the Windows from Microsoft’s official site and then activate it by using an activator software/tool then it will also be harmful to your computer and your privacy. Why? Because the activator software modifies and changes the system files of the OS so that the Windows doesn’t need to get activated in the future again.

But, the problem is that you don’t know what modifications the activator software has made in order to activate the Windows. Maybe it injects malware or viruses in your system that directly communicate with the hacker’s server (who made the activator tool) to send your valuables to him/her. Or maybe the activator tool has opened a backdoor in your system which can be used by hackers to enter into your computer to steal your data.

Anything can possible. Even they can install mining software and by using your system’s resources, they can earn money. Also, the infection doesn’t only stay in your single system. It can spread on your other devices through the local networks, through removable drives, and even through sound. Yes, it is possible to inject computers using sound. You can read about it here.

And of course, we don’t have to mention that activator software also leads to the hacking of your microphones and webcams too. If you think there are any trusted sources to get your free Windows activated, you should think it twice because to get a pirated Windows activated, there will not be any trusted source and you should not trust any of them. That’s why using activator software is not a safe idea either.

When You Can Use Pirated Windows?

It is obvious that we are not promoting piracy here, but the thing that we understand is, Windows isn’t affordable for everyone. Especially in developing countries, where the price of a Windows license is equal to someone’s monthly salary. People of those countries have to think about free solutions. So, here we are to tell you when you can or can’t use pirated version of Windows.

If you have very important and confidential data on your computer, you should definitely not use pirated Windows. If you just use your computer for shopping, net banking, or other stuff like that, still you should avoid pirated Windows as these personal details can be stolen as well, and definitely, your email or social media accounts can be hacked if you use them in pirated Windows.


If you use your computer for web browsing, listening to music, watching videos, or for online classes then it is okay to use pirated Windows though you don’t need to do that. You will know the reason later.

You may not use Microsoft’s services in pirated Windows

Another disadvantage that you might face if you use pirated Windows is that in some cases, you cannot use the original versions of Microsoft’s other paid services like MS Office which includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and other essential stuff. If you’re thinking to use the pirated Windows and cracked versions of other Microsoft software then you are doing nothing but waiting for the hackers to steal your valuable information and your privacy. This time no antivirus or antimalware software can protect you because the Windows itself is infected so installing antivirus software on top of that will not be going to work well.

Legal Way to Use Windows 10 For Free

If you work with valuable data and you have enough money to spend and want to stay out of trouble then the best solution is to just go to Microsoft’s website and purchase the retail Windows. It costs you from ₹9000/- to ₹16000/- ($139 to $199) depending upon what version of Windows you choose.

If you don’t have that much for an OS then you can go for OEM Windows which will cost from ₹2000/- to ₹5,000/- ($39 to $99). Keep in mind that after purchasing the OEM key, you have to download the Windows from Microsoft’s official website, neither from any other sources and nor from Torrent.

If you are not in that condition to spend any amount of money on an operating system then don’t worry. You can simply download the free Windows from Microsoft’s website and you don’t need to activate it. Matter of fact, if you don’t activate Windows especially Windows 10, there will be no problem for you. Just some basic features will not be available for you such as changing the themes, colors, and backgrounds, etc. Don’t use any activator software to activate it. Otherwise, you know what will happen.

With that being said, we hope that we have described all the harmful and dangerous sides of using pirated Windows. And, you can now realize why it is best to use original Windows-like retail or OEM Windows. If you find this article helpful enough, don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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