Surge Protector & SPDs: Why It’s Important?

Look, friends, whether you believe it or not, surge protectors are very important. Nowadays, most electronic devices come with built-in surge protection, but it’s still a good idea to use an additional surge protector for extra protection. A surge protector is mandatory for electronic devices like TVs, PCs, laptops, music systems, etc. There are different … Read more

3D Printed House In India: Cost, Inside, Details Everything

Just 5.5 lakh for a house seemed unimaginable before, but now it’s possible. 3D printing is a technology with limitless possibilities, and today it’s being used in building projects. It saves time, significantly reduces labor costs, and is environmentally friendly, not disturbing neighbors. Yes, the printers are quite silent too. India’s first 3D printed house … Read more

Do Microwaves Cause Cancer? The True Story

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Kerosene Heater Indoor? A Guide to Safely Using It

As the colder months approach, finding effective heating solutions becomes a top priority for many homes. Kerosene heaters have long been a popular choice because of their efficiency and portability, but using them indoors requires careful attention to safety measures. In this guide, we’ll understand how they work, the different types available, and the factors … Read more

Food Processor vs Blender: The Kitchen Battle for Culinary Supremacy

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