9 Best Space Movies that Represent the Potential of Humanity

Space is always everyone’s interest. The imagination of exploring distant galaxies to encounter extraterrestrial life forms and their behaviors has inspired many filmmakers to create visually stunning and thought-provoking movies that take us on journeys to the final frontier. The possibilities of space exploration seem endless, following those possibilities I have listed the 9 best different space movies which include exploration of Space, time, and meteor apocalypse. These movies are not just entertainment but single-handedly can teach so many things about human behavior, interagency, and science whether you are a science fiction fan or simply enjoy an engaging story.

The Martian

Released On: 2015

IMDB Rating: 8.0


One of the best space movies I have ever watched, what an incredible acting, what level of scientific facts have been implemented, and what a story – really amazing. The story follows an astronaut of NASA who get separated from a crew member on Mars due to a natural calamity. While thinking of that he is dead, crew members left him on Mars. Now as a single person on Mars how he survives? what does he do? How he communicates with NASA? and finally, how he is brought back home that’s all the movie is about. During his journey, he was stuck on Mars for over a year. How he grew up with foods scientifically that’s beautifully presented in this film. If you really love space adventure without any science fiction only shaking hands with science this film should be your must-watch film. Do not miss.


Released On: 2014

IMDB Rating: 8.6

The Earth is on the brink of extinction. To save humanity a group of astronauts embark on a mission to find a new home. They passed through a wormhole and landed on different planets to ensure what’s can be their future home. While doing so they landed on a planet near a black hole which has extreme gravitational force. On that planet, one second is equivalent to Earth’s 1 day. These triggers a lot of emotional bonding that we later discover in this film. Do Their journey of finding planets succeed? Well that’s what I am leaving for you to discover but their journey reveals a way of progressing space research. How? That’s a secret only you can discover. With incredible storytelling and impressive direction by Christopher Nolan, it’s a masterpiece. If you really love science fiction space adventure movies Interstellar will definitely please you.


Released On: 2013

IMDB Rating: 7.7

What happens if astronauts are lost in space? If you have this question in mind then you should definitely check out this film. This film falls in thrilling space drama. The story follows two astronauts who are almost lost in space when the shuttle is destroyed. Become stranded in space with limited oxygen and resources and communication how they use their ingenuity and determination to survive and find a way back to Earth is beautifully represented. In space, the constant risk of losing life slowly makes them feared and vulnerable. To get back home they face numerous challenges and obstacles that push them to their physical and emotional limits. Overcoming their own fears and plucking for survival showcased the survival instincts of a human. Breathtaking visuals and incredible acting makes this film to the next level.


Released On: 2017

IMDB Rating: 6.6

This film showcases another sad reality of the exploration of space. The film follows a few astronauts who are working at the International Space Center on the project of discovering life forms on Mars which they certainly do but things slowly are getting complicated when the small life forms become man-eaters from the inside of a human body. This certain creature can enter through mouth or wounds and eat the human flesh from inside and kill the human slowly. After finishing one body it just gets out from the body and attacks the next subject. The situation inside the space station becomes survival. You can’t guess what will happen in the end. If you love survival movies in touch with space exploration I definitely recommend this movie.

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Deep Impact

Released On: 1998

IMDB Rating: 6.2

This film is completely the opposite of the film Don’t Look Up. The film follows a group of people who discover a massive comet that will collide with the Earth. The extension level is even higher than the Dinosaurs. So potentially no one could survive. Governments around the globe start preparing to deflate the comet. Governments also evacuate selective civilians and shelter them in a bunker. The movie is a sweet combination of different subplots. Throughout the story, we are introduced to a young journalist and her father. They have to solve their relationship crisis. The plot also explores the story of two teenage lovers. The boy gets the opportunity to get shelter in bunkers. His girlfriend and her family don’t. The psychological condition of both, sacrifice, redemption, and human response to impending doom is beautifully presented in the film.


Released On: 2012

IMDB Rating: 7.0

The story of this film is situated in the future where space travel of light years is easily possible. The story mainly revolves around our desire of where humans came from. In this movie Prometheus showcases pretty uniquely. Few archeologists find wall paintings on caves that reveal humans are made by some other much more highly skilled and intelligent species. So to find and meet the creators a group of people from different streams makes a journey through sp ace. They finally landed on a planet that slowly reveals the story of the creators but when they finally discovered what the creators actually planned to do with humans they become shocked. In this mission, they have a humanoid robot to help them. But his intentions are also not adequate. As an AI he takes some steps that could extinct everyone on that ship. I will not reveal further anymore I am leaving the rest of the story in your hands. But the fact is this film single-handedly not only showcased the side effect of space exploration but also how AI could bring danger and ultimately have the potential to extinct humans from existence.



Released On: 1998

IMDB Rating: 6.7

An asteroid is coming to destroy the Earth. Typical storyline but shown differently. The story is shown from the perspective of oil drillers. They are sent to the asteroid, drilled into the asteroid, plant a nuclear bomb in it while time is running out. Along the way, they face numerous obstacles and challenges that push them to their limits both physically and emotionally. The movie is based on space science so don’t expect much of action sequences. So, ultimately humanity is saved or not in the Armageddon universe I am not going to disclose that but the tension and thrilling elements with a combination of action sequences in this film will not allow you to leave your seat.


Released On: 2020

IMDB Rating: 6.4

The movie is quite related to space because a meteoroid will soon hit the Earth but the main plot is fully based on drama. What humans do while a disaster knocking at the door. The story continues with a family of father, mother, and a child. The child is suffered of some disease. With the news of disaster, the full family gets the opportunity by the government to evacuate and take shelter on Green Land but not everyone has the opportunity. Few selective specialists – as the father is an architect get that opportunity. Things are getting complicated when their neighbors who are very close to the family don’t get that opportunity. The movie firstly showcased selfishness or from different perspective ‘practical human behavior’ on that situation. Next the family faces many ups and downs on their journey to Greenland. Starts from Air Port where the child is forbidden to board the plane to their destination, next the child is kidnapped and so on. The bonding of the family and what father or mother could do to get their child back is beautifully showcased in this movie. With thrill, suspense, adventure, and with beautiful combination of space science the movie teaches us the value of family.

Don’t Look Up

Released On: 2021

IMDB Rating: 7.2

This film is an American Political Satire aka dark comedy. As the lead role, we find Leonardo DiCaprio as an astronomer. The plot of this film revolves around two astronomers who try to warn the world about a comet that could potentially extinct humanity. Certainly no one believes their statements or take it seriously. Even after NASA’S declaration which already gets delayed, the president of American doesn’t take much action instead just tries to save her political power. When for the shake of plot, she starts to take action in a way of destroying the comet, the manipulation of a businessman makes her stop the mission even her spies stop every country by creating internal problems on their missions of destroying the comet. The movie showcases how selfish humans could be. Even on incoming extinction, people are looking for money, profit etc. The movie also portrays the truth of news media. The channels become politicized and sensationalized. The movie basically satire media, politics, social media, and the public’s response to everything. A beautiful movie that actually tells the truth of our thoughts.

In the Concluding Lines…

There are many amazing space movies that are sure to satisfy any sci-fi enthusiast. Ofcourse it’s a broad genre. From action to drama, thrilling to dark comedy everything can be fallen into this category. Space movies have been a popular genre for decades, choosing a ‘Best’ is very subjective. I have listed all 9 best movies that obviously fall in space movies but also from different categories. So, that being said hope you guys have enjoyed this article. Let me know what your favorite space movie is in the comments below it would be appreciated. Thanks for visiting.

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