Uncharted Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & More!

If you are a PlayStation gamer, you may have played or at least heard about Sony’s very popular action-adventure game franchise called “Uncharted”. The movie Uncharted is the adaption of this videogame series and as the game series is super-good, it is highly expected from the fans that the movie would also be a decent one especially because Tom Hollands (Our Beloved Spidey/Peter Parker) is playing the role of the main protagonist, Nathan Drake. Anyway, let’s know all the news such as release date, cast, trailer, plot, rumors, expectations & more news regarding the Uncharted movie.

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Uncharted Movie Release Date!

There is no doubt about the fact that the game franchise, Uncharted is one of the most popular & successful intellectual properties of Sony’s PlayStation. So, Sony decided to take a ride to the big screen with its most beloved PlayStation IP. It’s been a few years since the work is going on for the movie named the same as the game series. Now as the trailer is out, the release date of the movie is also confirmed!

The movie Uncharted is releasing on February 18 of 2022 as confirmed in the latest official trailer revealed by Sony. Fans like us were eagerly waiting to see Nathan Fillion played by Tom Hollands on the big screen & now the wait is finally over still we have to wait for a few months to witness the action-adventure of the movie. After releasing on theatres, the movie will be available on Netflix first as they have made a deal with Sony for the streaming rights but the unfortunate news is that the movie will not be available on Netflix just after the release rather it will take more or less 2 years to be available on this streaming platform!

Uncharted movie cast

As the movie is based on the game series, we will not see a lot of casts here unlike other movies. The main cast is as follows:

As we all know, Tom Holland will be playing the role of the main protagonist, Nathan “Nate” Drake who is a young, smart treasure hunter & claims to be the descendant of renowned English explorer Sir Francis Drake.


Mark Wahlberg will portray the character of Victor “Sully” Sullivan who is a veteran in treasure hunting. Sully is Nate’s partner, mentor as well as a father figure. Mark Wahlberg was originally set to play the role of Nathan when the film was decided to develop in 2010.

Sophia Ali will be playing the love interest of Nathan, Chloe Frazer who is a fellow treasure hunter. According to the game’s storyline, Nate ends up with Elena so Chloe should be his past love interest although we can’t be sure about what changes the plot of the movie would have.

Tati Gabrielle will portray the role of Braddock & finally, the antagonist as well as the film’s villain is played by Antonio Banderas. The villain is a ruthless treasure hunter. However, the name of the villain character is still unknown to us.

Which Uncharted Game is the Movie Based on?

This is the question that almost every Uncharted fans are asking on the internet right now. As we all know, there are total of 9 games (4 main titles & 5 spin-offs) available in the Uncharted game series and according to Sony, they have taken the inspiration from the fourth game of the series, “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” to build the plot of the Uncharted movie & if the movie brings the popularity enough then there might be more sequels.

However, we can not still be sure about the fact that the movie plot will be fully the same as the game’s. It would most probably be altered to provide more surprises to the fans. Most of the trusted sources suggest that the Uncharted movie introduces the young Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) who embarks on his first treasure hunting adventure with his mentor & partner Victor Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg). The two go on an adventurous & dangerous journey to discover “the greatest treasure never found” while also finding some clues that might lead to Nathan’s long-lost brother. This could be the reason for more sequels of this movie. Let’s wait & see how impressive the movie is!


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The Bottom Line…

Therefore, these are things that we have known so far about the upcoming movie Uncharted based on the popular PlayStation video game series with the same name. We still have to wait for a few months until the movie hits the movie theatres. Till then, you can speculate about what could possibly happen in the adventurous treasure-hunting journey of Nate & Sully. If Sony reveals any more necessary news about this movie, we will let you know about that as soon as possible. Anyway, we hope you have found this article helpful enough. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting & appreciating our work.

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