PC Vs Game Console: PC = Piracy?

When it comes to gaming on a computer versus a gaming console, there’s this idea that PCs might make it easier for people to get games for free without paying (that’s the piracy part). But there’s more to it than just that. Consoles are often seen as safer because it’s harder to get unauthorized games on them.

But here’s the deal: PC gaming and console gaming have different cool things about them. Consoles sometimes have games that you can only play on that specific console, while PCs can do lots of other stuff and might have better graphics. Plus, with PCs, you can change and add things to make your gaming experience unique. Thinking of getting a gaming console? It’s good to know these things before diving in.

Say No to Piracy For Console Gaming

Firstly, in game consoles, you’ll have to buy games; there’s no option for piracy until you jailbreak your console. You have to purchase and play all the games you want. The option for piracy is significantly limited on consoles.

Console Games are Expensive

Most of the time, you’ll have to pay the full price dor the game, and getting offers or discounts is quite rare. Compared to PC gaming, even if you decide not to engage in piracy and buy games, platforms like the Epic Games Store and Steam offer various different deals, including bundle offers and discounts ranging from 50% to 60%. Sometimes, due to promotional offers, you might even get an old game for free. So, saying that PC gamers always resort to piracy would be entirely incorrect.

Consoles Has Compatibility Issues

If you lean towards consoles, you’ll encounter another issue. Suppose you feel like playing some very old games, maybe a nostalgic game like GTA Vice City or even San Andreas; you can’t play them on the latest consoles. No matter which console you get, backward compatibility isn’t extensive. Unless those games are remastered and launched on newer generation consoles, it’s a big drawback for consoles.

Consoles aren’t Upgradable

And the biggest thing is, consoles aren’t upgradable. Let’s say you had a PS4 before, can you upgrade its processor or GPU to make it a PS5? Absolutely not. However, with a PC, you can easily do that. You can change the GPU, processor, RAM even motherboard to upgrade to the latest generation, and play the newest games at good frame rates.

“Building a PC might initially incur more expenses, but over time, it becomes cost-effective. Firstly, it’s upgradeable, and secondly, the cost of games is lower. I’m not advocating piracy here; I’m emphasizing privacy.

PC has a Building Hassle

Some may argue that not everyone can or should build a PC—it’s not feasible for everyone. Plug-and-play options are convenient, but pre-built PCs are also available with a simple online search. While pre-build PC might seem expensive compared to buying individual parts, if you lack expertise, buying a pre-built is an option. Honestly, assembling isn’t that difficult; you can learn through YouTube.


Don’t Give Excuse Of Portability

Consoles aren’t inherently portable; they need a TV or display. However, gaming laptops offer easy gaming access and portability. Need more portability Devices like the Steam Deck is much more convinent  but sadly Steam Decks are sold in pretty high price in india not much affordable. However if you can afford a Steam Deck then purchase a game once for your PC and then play it on a Steam Deck. Some consoles like the Nintendo Switch are also portable options, but that’s another discussion.

PS5 and XBOX don’t Allow Keyboard and Mouse

In PC gaming, access to a keyboard and mouse enhances the gaming experience, making aiming and movement more precise. With consoles, I don’t think aiming with the gamepad can be as accurate. I’ve used the gamepad, but it doesn’t provide that level of precision.

Even if I use auto-aiming, a feature present in games nowadays, getting headshots isn’t achievable as easily as it is with a keyboard and mouse. Although the PS5 supports keyboard and mouse, not all games do, so if you’re already accustomed to using a keyboard and mouse, controlling with a gamepad might be challenging.

PC Vs Console: Workflow

Moreover, I believe consoles are initially cheaper, which reduces the investment at the beginning, but over time, a PC proves more advantageous.

Consider this: a PC isn’t solely for gaming. If a task arises requiring a computer, you’ll use that PC for it. This versatility isn’t present in consoles. Consoles allow streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video and some basic browsing, but a console can never fully replace a PC’s functionality.

PC Vs Console: My Opinion

In the past, when there was PS4 or the previous generation consoles from Microsoft, I used to readily recommend PCs without hesitation. However, with the arrival of the PS5 and the latest generation consoles from Microsoft, I can say that the graphics on consoles have improved significantly. There are numerous graphic settings available now, reducing compromises in quality when compared to PCs.


Yet, there’s a recurring issue on consoles where some new games run at 30FPS due to developer-side problems, but those are usually fixed later on without any action needed from the user. This isn’t the case with PCs.

Downside of PC Gaming

Some people say that PC gamers engage in hacking and modding in online games, which is definitely an issue specific to PCs. Hacking games on consoles isn’t as easy, and modding isn’t as feasible either.

Speaking of mods, there’s a wide array available for every game on PC gaming—whether it’s graphic mods, outfit modifications, or weapon alterations, you’ll find plenty. Forget about these things on consoles. This is definately a good point for PCs.

Consoles have Exclusive Games

Consoles have amazing exclusives. If you crave exclusive games, you’ll have to compromise with PC gaming. There aren’t many exclusive games on PC, especially not the popular titles. However, over the period of time exclusive games slowly comes to the PCs, so if you can wait then don’t worry go for PC you may play those Games in near future.

In the Concluding lines…

After the discussion, I think you have the idea which platform you should choose PC or console; if you ask me then I would say both have their own advantages and disadvantages but I assume PC’s has more advantages than disadvantages. Of course PCS are more expensive if you compare the performance but apart from that gaming PCs can do lot more than a console. So if you’re considering getting a console or a gaming PC remembering these points could be beneficial, I think.

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