Laptop Overheating! Do Cooling Pads Really Work?

If you’re owning a powerful gaming laptop then you’re probably already familiar with the laptop overheating issue. Basically, laptop designers don’t take much care about how much heat a laptop produces when it is at its peak performance. That’s why, provided cooling solution inside a laptop isn’t enough to cool its components down. Laptops mostly heat up when it’s on charge and a heavy task is assigned. As we don’t do much about the laptop’s inbuilt cooling system, we could basically through some extra air inside the laptop to cool it down. That’s why cooling pads are introduced to the market. Let’s know whether cooling pads are reliable to reduce the laptop overheating issue or not.

Do Laptop’s Cooling Pads Really Work?

Well, the answer is completely subjective depending upon which cooling pad you choose. If you have bought the right laptop cooling pad then it could reduce the laptop’s temperature from 6 to 10 degrees. That’s really great, right? Before talking about which cooling pad you should choose for your laptop, I would recommend you quite a bit thing to follow if you’re really worried about the laptop overheating issue.

How to Avoid Laptop Overheating Issue?

There are some basic steps that you can follow. First and foremost, don’t let your laptop fill with dust. Users actually do not take care of their laptops and do not try to get rid of that dust. Basically, dust is accumulated on the fans and heatsinks after a few years of usage. That definitely hampers the device’s cooling efficiency. So you have to clean your laptop regularly.

I have also seen some people using laptops on their lap or on a pillow or on the bed. You shouldn’t do that. That can easily block the air vents of the laptop it leads to the laptop overheating issue. You have to always use your laptop on a hard surface so that it could suck the cool air through its air vents.

We have a detailed article in which you can get the idea of getting rid of laptop overheating Issue without buying a cooling pad.

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Understanding Laptop’s Air Ventilation

All of the laptops that have ever been manufactured always have at least 2 air vents – one is for air intake and another one is to just throw the hot air. Before purchasing a cooling pad, you have to know which vent is for what.


To understand your laptop’s aerodynamics, you just need either thin paper or just a thin cloth. Now take the cloth/paper near the vents and notice the behavior of the paper/cloth.

The paper is flapping

If the cloth stick with one vent then that vent is for sucking the air inside the laptop. If the cloth/paper is flapping in front of the vents then that vent is for throwing hot air outside.

How to Buy a Cooling Pad?

If your laptop sucks air from the bottom then you should go for those cooling pads that are throwing air upside as shown in the image below.

If your laptop throws air from its bottom then you should purchase those cooling pads which are obviously throwing air underneath the cooling pad.

If you ignore the laptop’s aerodynamics then you will probably purchase a wrong cooling pad which not only would fail to do its job but also it might heat up your laptop than before without a cooling pad!

How to Pick Best Cooling Pads for Laptops?

Nowadays, the market is flooded with lots of different cheap cooling pads but they aren’t as effective as they are advertised. If you need best then you need to pay best. Don’t spend on funky RGB lightings or decorative things. If you somehow find a cooling pad that is powered externally then that should be your first pick as it could be the best cooling pad for laptops. If not, then choose those who have high RPM fans. Higher RPM means higher airflow.


Mostly, USB-powered cooling pads don’t offer much airflow because the fans are running only at 5v. Obviously, there are exceptions. If you know then let us know. If you’re a DIY lover then you could make one for yourself as I have done with 6 12V 3 inch fans, PVC pipe, and a bit of addition of skills.

How about Laptop Cooling Stand?

Sometimes though the cooling pad isn’t necessary. A simple cooling stand could do the trick. Most importantly, they are very cheap and could handle most of the laptop’s weight. What a cooling stand does, is lift the back of the laptop so that it could easily suck fresh air through its vents. I have checked personally, it could reduce 3 to 4 degrees easily. Generally, laptop stands are extremely handy for those who are traveling with their laptop. It is compact and can easily be carried in a bag. It is also beneficial if you mostly place your laptop on your bed. You can buy my favorite laptop stand from here.

So, cooling pads are great. It could reduce the laptop’s temperature easily from 6 to 10 degrees. Want to know how to monitor your laptop’s temperature then read this article. Anyway, hopefully, you have found this article helpful. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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