How does Flight Mode or Airplane Mode Work? Why Is It Important to Use?

Airplane mode or Aeroplane Mode, often used as Flight Mode, also occasionally uttered as Offline mode or Standalone Mode, is a type of mode which disables all radio-frequency signal transmission when switching it on and in that mode, you cannot use your phone’s cellular network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data & all the wireless transmission functions. Even if you are not in aircraft, you can also use this mode to disable many of your device’s battery-draining radio signals. It can easily extend the battery life of your device as long as you don’t need those wireless networks.

Flight Mode on smartphones

What Does Flight Mode actually do?

Whatever device you’re using, an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows tablet which comes with any radio signal support, has this feature. In-Flight Mode, no device can communicate with any cell towers. For that reason, these devices can’t receive or send anything that depends on the cellular network, from voice calls to text messages, all will be disabled. Also In this mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS are disabled automatically. You can easily turn on them from settings, but by default they are disabled. If your device is connected with Wi-Fi then the Wi-Fi will be disconnected & if the device searches for nearby Wi-Fi networks then this searching will also be discontinued in this mode.

When Flight Mode is turned on all the communication are automatically turned off

As you might know, Bluetooth is also a wireless transmission so it’s also disabled in flight mode. One can’t use Bluetooth as well as its various functions when the device is in this mode. But like the Wi-Fi, It is also can be turned on from the settings menu of the particular device.

Flight Mode is only necessary for smartphones

Like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Airplane mode also disables GPS too but only on some specific devices. it is a bit confusing and inconsistent. But it is not possible to turn on the cellular networks in flight mode. So, without cellular network, no calls, no SMS and no internet connection (Mobile Data).

Why is Flight Mode necessary & How is it useful?


Using radio-frequency signal transmission is strictly prohibited in flights so if you are traveling in flight then you have to disable all the transmission signals of your smartphones or tablets or laptops. Because if you use cellular networks from planes that are traveling very quickly as well as very highly something like 36000 feet, your phone constantly changing the cell towers one by one to find the proper network. 

Your mobile phone doesn't maintain the signal strength.

Now this sort of communication can cause interference with the airplane/flight’s sensor within & cause serious issues with the navigation equipment of the flight. Although it is controversial, safety is also an important thing but it doesn’t mean that a plane will crash due to someone uses a smartphone inside the flight. Actually, it’s a risky idea to use transmission signals in Aircraft. Especially, the cellular network.

Mobile Tower

For this reason, you cannot use cellular networks of your devices & have to enable the flight mode. It is important to know that when someone uses his/her smartphone on Aeroplane when it is above the ground then the constant change of mobile tower increase the radiation level of the smartphone. The smartphone amplifies the signal captur ing capability to always hold the network that creates distortion. 


What are the benefits of using Flight Mode?

When being enabled Airplane Mode or Flight Mode, you will see an Aeroplane icon on the upper right side corner of your smartphone, tablets, iPads, etc. & you don’t have to switch your device’s power off. Just enabling the Flight Mode is enough to travel in the flights. If you are not turning on the Flight mode then you have to switch your device off especially a smartphone or tablet-like device. If you are using a laptop then it is not necessary to use flight mode inside the airplane.

Basically, In-Flight Mode you can play games, or read or watch something i.e. saved offline. Another benefit of Flight Mode is; it really restricts the drainage of the battery of devices because no transmission radio signals are used in this mode. So, we can say that it is an excellent way to save the battery life of such devices.

The bottom line…

So, to conclude this, I will say that Airplane Mode is a very necessary feature of our devices and it is used mainly in flights to prohibit the radio-frequency signal transmission to reduce the risk of the interference of the plane’s radio equipment as well as Airplane mode is a great way to save your device’s battery.

Watch the video below if you want more information about ‘Airplane Mode’ in Hindi

I hope you guys enjoyed by reading this article and I think all of your queries about “How does Flight Mode or Airplane Mode Work?” is solved. If your answer is yes then don’t forget to comment down below. Thank for visiting and appreciating my work.

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