Doraemon Gadgets That Exist in Real Life: A Nostalgic Journey

Have you watched Doraemon? Yes, I’m sure you have. Surely, you would want some gadgets too, right? Among them is the Anywhere Door, which everyone would definitely want, right? He has so many futuristic gadgets. While some of the gadgets seemed far-fetched, it’s fascinating to discover that a few of them have become a reality. In this article, we delve into nine Doraemon gadgets from the show that were once considered fictional but are now possible in real life.

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Bamboo Copter

First of all, Bamboo Copter – every one of you may want this Doraemon gadget in real life. It was depicted as a small portable gadget that you could attach to your head and fly. In real life, this is not possible as we have to consider safety measures and the current level of technological advancement is not capable of providing enough uplift with such a small propeller to lift a person.

However, there is a similar gadget in real life called the Gen H4 helicopter. This helicopter can easily lift a person, and a person can fly it easily, but it comes at a cost of $59,500 USD. Now you understand that no one can fly by attaching it to themselves like Nobita like a child.

Translation Tool/Translation Jelly

Translation tool or translation jelly is indeed possible today. This gadget enabled instant translation of different languages. With its use, anyone can speak or understand any language.

Doraemon Translation Tool

It’s somewhat like Google Translate, right? You can say anything in one language, and it will translate it for you into another language – even in real-time. So, this Doremon gadget is properly adapted in our daily life and most importantly everyone can use this.

Shock Gun

Do you remember the diving-in-town episode of Doraemon? In that episode, the shock gun was shown, which could temporarily disable any creature or person by giving them a high-voltage electric shock. Its real-life replica is the teaser gun, which is used for self-defense and can also be used by the police.

Doraemon Shock Gun

The special thing about it is that it doesn’t injure the victim. However, the effectiveness of the teaser gun depends on both the device itself and the physical state of the victim. Ofcourse this device is not legal all around the globe. Yes, another Doraemon gadget in real life.

Teaser Gun

Devil Card

Recently, the name just spiked in my head – The Devil Card. It is a magical card that, when shaken, produced money, but the user had to return the equivalent amount by sacrificing one of his/her favorite items.


Do you remember this gadget? Now, can you guess what is equivalent to it? Yes, credit cards. You can spend as much as your credit card limit allows but eventually, you’ll have to repay the money. If you can’t repay it, the burden of the loan will keep increasing over the period of time.

Super Gloves/Magic Gloves

As I could remember the gadget is named the Super Gloves or Magic Gloves. With this Doraemon gadget, you can easily lift any heavy objects. An alternative we have in reality is an exoskeleton.

Exoskeletons are wearable machines that enhance human strength and allow the lifting of significantly heavier loads with minimal effort. However, they are way bulkier than the gloves depicted in Doraemon. So, we have another Doraemon gadget in real life.

Lying Mirror

There was a gadget called the Lying Mirror. It made people appear exceptionally attractive and flawless. Is there a similar gadget available today? Yes, indeed. Not a gadget these are software.

We use tools like Photoshop and different Instagram and Snapchat filters to achieve a similar effect- enhancing facial features and making individuals look more attractive.

Path Finder Stick

Recently, I was watching a Doraemon episode where there was a gadget called the Path Finder Stick. In Doraemon, it was shown like If you’re unsure which way to go or feeling confused about which direction to take, you can hold up this stick, and wherever it falls, that’s the direction you should go.

Its real-life replica would definitely be Google Maps. Google Maps provides real-time navigation, ensuring users find the correct route, similar to the concept shown in Doraemon. So this Doraemon gadget is 100% available in real life.

Computer Pencil

Next is the Computer Pencil. While I can’t claim to be a real-life replica of it, ChatGPT functions in a similar way. You can ask it anything, and most of the time, it provides the correct answer.


The Computer Pencil had a similar capability—it could write the answer to any question whether or not you know the answer. ChatGPT, like AI tools, is doing just like that. Not exactly a real-life Doraemon gadget computer pencil but pretty close.

Mecha Maker

One of my favorite gadget is the Mecha Maker. You could input a design, and it would create a product or machine based on that design. The final product would be made from the raw material you inputted—for example if you used plastic, the final product would be made of plastic, and if you used metal, the final product would be made of metal.

In real life, creating physical objects from designs is not as straightforward as depicted in Doraemon, but 3D printers are doing something similar. However, to achieve it, you need proper mathematical measurements and accurate design data. Once you have those, a 3D printer can create a model for you. Nowadays, 3D printers are capable of printing rockets using metal and even houses.

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In the Concluding Lines…

Doraemon’s fantastical gadgets have captivated viewers for years. It’s intriguing to witness that some of them have materialized in the real world. While advancements in technology have allowed us to create gadgets with similar functionalities, teleportation, like the Anywhere Door, remains beyond our current capabilities. As time progresses, who knows what other imaginative inventions will become a reality?

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