Best Movies of Showtime: Exploring the Best Cinematic Delights

In the ever-evolving landscape of entertainment, streaming platforms have become the new norm, offering viewers a treasure trove of cinematic delights right at their fingertips. Among the plethora of options, Showtime seamlessly combines the allure of top-notch movies with the convenience of digital streaming. With a curated selection that spans genres, eras, and styles, Showtime brings the the captivating collection of some of the best movies ever crafted. Whether you’re a fervent film enthusiast or a casual viewer seeking captivating storytelling, Showtime’s lineup has something to offer for every taste and mood. Get ready to indulge in a cinematic feast as we present the ‘Best Movies on Showtime’.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Released On: 2022

IMDB Rating: 7.8

“Everything Everywhere All at Once” delivers a mesmerizing odyssey that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Following Evelyn, a humble woman, the story uncovers her connection with parallel universes. As she progresses through these alternate realities, hidden truths about her and the universe are revealed, leading to an exciting exploration of identity, destiny, and interconnectedness. This intellectually stimulating film will leave viewers questioning reality long after the credits roll. For science enthusiasts and those fascinated by parallel universe and quantum concepts, this is an essential addition to the best movies on Showtime. Get ready to embark on a journey that pushes the boundaries of imagination and perception from the comfort of your screen.

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The Whale

Released On: 2022

IMDB Rating: 7.7

“The Whale” emerges as a captivating gem in Showtime’s cinematic treasure trove. This thought-provoking drama unfolds the life of Charlie, a recluse burdened by morbid obesity and emotional wounds. In his isolated world, he conducts online teaching while hiding his presence due to shame, sharing with his only confidante, Nurse Liz, who witnesses his rapid decline in health.

But “The Whale” isn’t just a story of physical challenges. It delves into the complicated past that has led Charlie to his present state, particularly his strained relationship with his daughter, Ellie, whom he left behind. As his own mortality looms, Charlie embarks on a poignant journey to reconnect with Ellie, triggering a transformative sequence of events that shatters his self-perception and leaves him forces him to face his past.

Amidst an introspective exploration of family dynamics, liberation and personal growth, “The Whale” provides a poignant reminder of the resilience of the human spirit. Within Showtime’s line of exceptional film offerings, this film stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, inviting viewers to contemplate their own connections, struggles, and potential for change. As one of the best movies on Showtime, “The Whale” promises an intense cinematic experience that will linger in the heart and mind long after the screen goes black.

Uncut Gems

Released On: 2019

IMDB Rating: 7.4

“Uncut Gems” is a gripping crime thriller based on the life of Howard Ratner, a jewelry store owner in the Diamond District of New York City. Howard is deeply immersed in a world of gambling and high stakes, which keeps him in constant financial turmoil. As he struggles to manage his debts and maintain his relationships, he becomes embroiled in a series of intense and risky situations. The film provides a raw and unfiltered look into Howard’s chaotic world, exploring addiction, obsession, and the consequences of his actions. The film is known for its fast-paced storyline and compelling portrayal of characters, maintaining a tense and suspenseful atmosphere throughout. And now, “Uncut Gems” has made its way to the best movies on Showtime, offering viewers a chance to experience its electrifying narrative on the streaming platform.

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Lady Bird

Released On: 2017

IMDB Rating: 7.4

“Lady Bird” is a thriller film set in 2002. It is based on the life of Christine McPherson, a high school senior in Sacramento, California who prefers to be called “Lady Bird”. Despite her family’s financial struggles, Lady Bird dreams of attending a prestigious college on the East Coast. The film depicts her relationships with her family, friends, and romantic interests, as well as her experiences at school and her journey of self-discovery. The film explores themes of identity, ambition and the complexities of growing up. It provides a poignant and relatable portrayal of the challenges and joys faced by a young woman on the verge of adulthood. Its relatability is testament to its universal appeal, making it an undeniable addition to the lineup of best movies Showtime has to offer.


Forest Gump

Released On: 1994

IMDB Rating: 8.8

“Forrest Gump”, the 1994 classic film, tells the extraordinary life story of Forrest Gump, portrayed by Tom Hanks. With a kind heart but limited intellect, Forrest unwittingly becomes a witness and participant in major historical moments in America spanning several decades. His unique journey takes him from his childhood in Alabama to the battlefields of Vietnam, success in college football, business ventures and even space exploration. Throughout his adventures, Forrest maintains his innocence and true nature, befriending various individuals, including his childhood sweetheart Jenny, played by Robin Wright. The film explores themes of love, destiny and the power of simple acts. Through Forrest’s eyes, viewers experience a poignant and humorous reflection on life’s ups and downs, all set against a backdrop of significant historical events. Hanks’ performance, along with memorable quotes and heartwarming moments from the film, have established “Forrest Gump” as a beloved cinematic masterpiece and one of the best movies Showtime has to offer.


Released On: 2022

IMDB Rating: 6.6

“Devotion” is a gripping war drama that is one of the best movies on Showtime based on the real-life friendship between two naval aviators, Lieutenant Tom Hudner and Ensign Jesse Brown, during the Korean War. The story follows their experiences as they face challenges both on and off the battlefield, dealing with racial tensions, war campaigns, and personal conflicts. The film explores themes of camaraderie, sacrifice and the bonds formed in the face of adversity. It reflects their heroic actions and the impact their choices have on their own lives and the lives of those around them. “Devotion” is a tribute to their bravery and the enduring connection between their families, highlighting the deep impact of their friendship and the sacrifices they made during a turbulent period in history. The film offers a poignant portrayal of the honor, dedication and enduring legacy of these two remarkable men.


Released On: 2019

IMDB Rating: 8.2

“1917” is an entertaining war film set during World War I. It follows the journey of two British Lance Corporals, William Scofield and Tom Blake, who are given an important mission. They must deliver a message to Colonel Mackenzie to stop a planned attack that could kill 1,600 soldiers, including Blake’s brother. The story unfolds in real time as two soldiers traverse through tough terrain and enemy territory to reach their destination. Faced with many challenges and dangers, Scofield becomes the lone messenger, determined to complete the mission and stop the impending disaster. The film vividly portrays the horrors and challenges of war, while also highlighting the camaraderie, sacrifice and courage of those who served. Through Scofield’s journey, “1917” provides an intense and immersive experience, capturing the tension and urgency of the situation as he races against time to deliver a life-saving message. So, an almost engrossing war movie that happens to be one of the best movies on Showtime.


Released On: 2022

IMDB Rating: 6.6

“X”, releasing in 2022, is a horror thriller set in 1979 on a remote Texas farm. The story follows a group of individuals, including aspiring adult film star Maxine, her boyfriend Wayne, and others as they gather on a farm. To shoot a porn movie. Things take a dark and sinister turn as tensions rise within the group and they encounter eccentric ranch owners, Howard and Pearl. Unbeknownst to the group, a series of disturbing events unfold, triggering a nightmare sequence of violence and survival. The film delves into themes of the human capacity for fear, cunning, and cruelty. As the group’s situation becomes increasingly dire, they must face their deepest fears and fight for their lives against a sinister force. “X” is a thrilling and suspenseful film that explores the limits of human endurance in the face of unimaginable horrors.



Released On: 2021

IMDB Rating: 6.5

Releasing in 2021, “Bull” is a dark and intense revenge thriller. The story follows a mysterious man named Bull, who seeks revenge on those who wronged him. He embarks on a relentless quest to eliminate those responsible for the suffering of his past, using brutal methods to track down his targets. As Bull plots his revenge, the film delves into his past and reveals the events that fueled his thirst for vengeance. The film explores themes of violence, redemption, and the blurred line between justice and retribution. It is a gripping and suspenseful tale that will keep the viewers on the edge of their seats as Bull embarks on a perilous path to face his enemies. The film is marked by its intense atmosphere, raw emotions, and a sense of mystery surrounding Bull’s motivations and actions.

The Contractor

Released On: 2022

IMDB Rating: 5.8

“The Contractor”, released in 2021, follows the story of Sergeant First Class James Harper, a decorated Green Beret. After being discharged from the military due to illegal steroid use to treat an injury, Harper faces financial challenges. He reunites with his friend Mike, who works for a private military company headed by Rusty Jennings. Harper joins the team for a mission in Germany, involving a Middle Eastern scientist named Salim. As the operation progresses, Harper becomes embroiled in a web of deceit and dangerous situations. He must overcome conflicting loyalties and uncover the truth behind the mission. The film explores themes of duty, betrayal, and redemption as Harper attempts to protect her family and uncover the secrets surrounding her. “The Contractor” combines action, mystery and personal conflicts while showcasing the complexities of its characters and their moral choices.

In the Concluding Lines…

As we conclude our search for the ‘best movies on Showtime’, it is clear that this OTT platform has truly redefined the way we experience cinema. From the comfort of your living room, Showtime delivers a cinematic journey that spans genres and generations, transcending time and space. Whether you’re drawn to heart-pounding action, thought-provoking drama, side-splitting comedy, or captivating tales of romance, Showtime’s carefully curated collection ensures that there’s something for everyone.

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