Best Horror Games for Android You Should Play!

Horror games are not always full of jump scares, blood, and creepy noises. They are just a part of it. The Storyline – which actually makes you scared. When you think about it, you’re completely going sweaty over time, not just a stupid monster jumping through the window or breaking the wall to attack you or just destroy the door to kill you. Anyway, if you want to experience ultimate fear, horrifying suspense & terrifying thrill through playing games on Android then this article is just for you as we have listed the best horror games for Android this year. Let’s know what are the best horror games for Android that you can actually enjoy playing.

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Survival Horror/Puzzle|4.3★|101 MB |Free| 100M+ Downloads

Granny is arguably the best horror game for Android. This game is one of the oldest horror games on Android too. You can say this game has actually started the genre of horror escape games. In this game, Granny keeps you locked in her creepy house but what you have to do is to try to get out of that house within 5 days. But be careful! Granny hears everything!

Granny: One of the best horror game for android

If you mistakenly drop something on the floor, she immediately hears it & comes running towards you! You can hide in wardrobes, under beds, or using other large furniture to save yourself temporarily from Granny. Remember, you have 5 days only. Good luck with your journey to ultimate hell!

Granny: Chapter Two


Survival Horror/Puzzle|4.4★|87 MB |Free| 50M+ Downloads

Granny: Chapter Two gameplay

If you have already played Granny then you are well aware of the fact that how scary the game is! Now, the second game of the Granny series, Granny: Chapter Two is even more Scarier which is why this game has also earned its place in our list of best horror games for Android. Anyway, in this game, Grandpa joins Granny to keep you locked in their spooky house.

Granny: Chapter Two Gameplay Horror Scenes

To survive, you have to get out of that house as soon as possible but as we have mentioned in the first game, just be careful & quiet because Granny hears everything as usual although Grandpa doesn’t hear very well but he hits hard! And again, if you drop something on the floor, Granny hears it immediately & comes running after you. You can hide in wardrobes, under beds or using other large furniture. Just like its previous series, you have 5 days to escape from their spooky house. Good luck again for your journey to ultimate hell!

Evil Nun: Horror in the School

Keplerians Horror Games

Survival Horror/Puzzle|4.4★|89 MB |Free (in-app purchases) | 10M+ Downloads

Evil Nun is another one of the best horror games for Android in recent memory. In this game, because of an unfortunate accident, you get attacked & locked by an evil Nun in a school. Now, what you have to do is to as escape from that school as soon as possible but be careful as there are tons of creepy puzzles & spooky traps that can hurt you bad enough! Also, the Nun can hear everything until you can change the game’s difficulty to easy mode. Yes, you can change the game’s difficulty to different modes from very easy to ghost mode. In easy modes, Nun cannot hear that much but in hard modes, she can hear everything & the game will be scarier too! Anyway, this game is for you if you want absolute suspense, thrill & fear.

Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game

Skytec Games, Inc.

Survival Horror/ Strategy|4.4★|99 MB |Free (in-app purchases) | 10M+ Downloads

Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game is a good horror game for Android

Horrorfield is an unique type of horror game because, unlike other traditional horror games where you have to just escape from a haunted house of ghosts, here in this game, you have to team up with other players, make a squad of 7 survivors & strategically escape from the zombie like maniacs. You have to hide, help each other, use & combine different skills & items. The place that you are trapped is a full of death-traps & secret hiding places. The actual goal is to repair the generators as quickly as possible to unlock the exit.

Horrorfield – Multiplayer Survival Horror Game. Character development

You don’t get the chance to build a shelter like other strategy survival games. Here, you & other members have to almost always play the hide-n-seek game with the maniacs, ghosts & monsters. Every squad member has different abilities like Doctor can heal himself & other members after getting attacked by the maniacs. Mercenary is a brave soldier with high health & fighting abilities. Basketball Player can run faster so that he can easily outrun the maniacs. & there are more like that.

On the other side, there are many types of maniacs or psychos like Butcher who breaks the generator to prevent his prey from escaping, Ghost who can pass through walls like a true poltergeist & terrify its victims, Beast who is a hungry werewolf monster. & there are more like that. So, an amazingly created multiplayer survival horror game is the Horrorfield. If you haven’t tried it yet, just give it a try. We are sure, you are going to like this action-packed horror game.

Death Park: Scary Clown Survival Horror Game

Euphoria Horror Games

Survival Horror/Puzzle|4.5★|86 MB |Free (in-app purchases) | 10M+ Downloads

Death Park: Scary Clown is one of the best horror game for android

Death Park can be hell of a scary for you if you don’t like circus as this game revolves around a huge amusement park with a creepy circus. Only creepy circus? Nope, there is a clown too! Who is mischievous, evil, scary & demonic monster. Remember the movie series, “It”? Yeah, just like that clown! Like that creepy, spooky, scary, devilish clown! In this horror game, you have to solve all the puzzles, play hide-n-seek game with the monster & finally escape from the park. Sounds easy, right? No, not so much!

The clown might hear or see you so just be careful & always watch your back. Maybe it is just behind you to make you its next victim as it kills everyone who come to its territory which is the amusement park! Explore the huge map & 7 different locations of this game which includes old creepy abandoned buildings, horrifying hospital, dark basements, mysterious mazes & the spooky circus.

Use your brain, solve all the mysteries & puzzles to exit from this demonic amusement park. This game has a very unique plot with multiple endings so that it will always surprise you what could happen next in the game! & this makes the game one of the best horror games for Android. The monster clown has its own AI like human which is really awesome for an Android game. So, get ready for all the jump scares, unexpected encounters, nightmarish atmospheres & your journey to the “fun-filled” amusement park or Death Park where your friend, the clown is waiting for you!

Slendrina: The Cellar (Free)


Survival Horror/Puzzle|4.1★|35 MB |Free| 10M+ Downloads

Finding best Horror Game For Android, Try "Slendrina: The Cellar"

Slendrina: the Cellar is a very scary & intimidating puzzle escape horror game in which you have to find 8 missing old books in the dark cellar of evil Slendrina & then run to the exit. Slendrina has becomes more evil than before & she really hates it when someone intrude on her territory so she will do anything to stop you. Whatever you do, do very fast & do not look back for God’s sake!

You can't move after playing Slendrina: The Cellar.

Just find those 8 old books & escape from the cellar to survive from Slendrina. Finding those books is not a piece of cake so you always have to stay alert & careful otherwise she will… There are certain doors that need to unlock by keys so you have to find those keys too because some of those 8 books can be found behind those locked doors. They can be anywhere so look everywhere. If you have to save yourself from Slendrina, you have to find them as fast as possible. Ready to intrude on her creepy territory? Then, install the game now.

Mr. Meat: Horror Escape Room

Keplerians Horror Games

Survival Horror/Puzzle|4.2★|111 MB |Free (in-app purchases) | 10M+ Downloads

Mr. Meat is a very suspenseful & thrilling horror game in which there is a story that is quite frankly common with some other horror games on PC & Android but not in our list of best horror games for Android! The zombie plague arrived in your neighborhood & your neighbor who is a butcher has become a zombie, hungry for flesh & blood. He has no soul left in his body & he only wants to kill people to have their blood & fresh meat. His house has become a haunted prison & his new hostage is a girl who is locked in this prison-like haunted house. Your mission is to rescue her & save her life as well as yours from the walking dead, Mr. Meat.

Mr. Meat: Great horror Game For Android

Mr. Meat can hear your moves so use this to hide in order to mislead him but if he somehow sees you, he will try to kill you! There are a few guns that you can use to protect yourself & to hurt the monster. Use your brain to solve puzzles so that you can rescue the girl alive from the house of that serial killer. If you want a chilling, thrilling, suspenseful yet realistic but creepy & scary game then Mr. Meat is for you which guarantees ultimate suspense, fear as well as action.

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Therefore, these are the best horror games for Android in recent memory that you can obviously enjoy playing & experiencing the terrifying thrill. If you have any other creepy horror games in your mind, you can inform us about them. We will definitely appreciate that. Lastly, we hope that you have really liked & enjoyed our article about the best horror games for Android. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting & appreciating our work.

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