7 Best Netflix Movie Must Watch in 2024 With Hindi Dubbing

Discover the 7 best Netflix movies you must watch in 2024! From gripping thrillers to heart-pounding action, this curated list showcases the pinnacle of cinematic excellence available on the streaming platform. Get ready to experience the magic of top-notch filmmaking. Whether you’re a fan of action, suspense, or heartfelt narratives, these movies are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss out on these masterpieces!

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For fans of heist and robbery movies like Money Heist, “Lift,” is nothing short of a treat. Released in 2024 with Hindi dubbing, is a must-watch at least once. With its blend of comedy and action, this film will surely entertain you. Stealing $500 million worth of gold from a flight filled with passengers 3000 feet above? How? Snatching it without anyone on the plane suspecting a thing. Watch this movie, and when you find out, you’ll be shocked. Witness the impossible becoming possible, without spoiling your enjoyment. If you enjoy heist movies, then you must give it a try. The method they use to steal will seem quite different. But, don’t watch the movie with very high expectations. You won’t find any emotional touch from the characters, making it hard to connect with the movie. Overall, for the sake of entertainment, you can definitely give the movie a try. With Hindi dubbing.

The Killer

This movie is for all those who enjoy watching assassin professional killer type things, especially in the direction of David Fincher. So, from Netflix’s side, with the 2023 crime drama thriller, “The Killer.” The story, is based on a killer character who is a professional shooter. He executes each task perfectly and professionally. The twist in the story comes when one of his targets is missed. What happens with him, that’s what you need to see in the movie. Speaking of the movie’s best part, it’s from David Fincher, who has made masterpieces like ‘Fight Club’ and ‘Gone Girl’. The special thing about them is that you’ll get to see top-level direction along with amazing screenplay. The movie falls a bit short in storytelling, but you’ll get to see everything top-class. Just, don’t watch with the expectation that the movie is based on a killer, so there will be action-packed scenes throughout. The action scenes are in one place, but they are intense. Definitely watch the movie, it’s available with Hindi dubbing.

The Mother

A mother will do anything to save her child, even if it means staying apart for many years. Released on Netflix in 2023, belongs from action thriller genre ‘The Mother’. Just think of it, you’re the most dangerous killer, and because of your work, you have to stay away from your child for 12 years. Then, the city’s most dangerous mafia gangsters start chasing after that child. That’s when, you step out to save your child. How? You’ll see how a mother saves her child in this movie, where you’ll witness Jennifer Lopez’s amazing swag. Be sure to watch the movie, available with Hindi dubbing.”



This movie is undoubtedly one of the best survival movies from Netflix. We’re talking about ‘Nowhere,’ released in 2023 – a drama thriller. Civil war has erupted across the city, and gunfire erupts as soon as they see you. In such a situation, wanting to escape from this country with your pregnant wife, hiding in a container aboard a ship. For some reason, you have to separate from your wife’s container. The twist is that, due to a storm in the sea, their container falls off the route. Imagine, trapped in a container in the mid-sea being pregnant, how will you survive? Even in a situation where unable to make your voice heard outside, and with nothing to eat, how will you survive? In such a situation, this movie will give you an experience of how the woman gives birth to her child in a container filled with half water. If you’re a fan of survival drama, then definitely watch this movie. Available with Hindi dubbing.

Brain Banks

A top-notch footballer whose dream is to play in the NFL (National Football League) is suddenly thrown into jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Yes I am talking about based on actual events with sports drama – “Brain Banks”. The story, belongs to Brain Banks, who was one of the best football players in his high school. His story changes when he is falsely accused of rape. He is put in jail, and his career is ruined. After spending 6 years in jail, how he proves his innocence, that’s what you’ll see in the movie. Talking about the best part of the movie, each event is inspired by actual events, and secondly, the lead actor’s acting is amazing, he has given his 100% in the movie. Don’t miss such a biography movie. Interestingly, the movie is available with Hindi dubbing.

The Bird Box & The Bird Box Barcelona

We all know that Netflix always tries to bring fresh and unique concepts in front of us. In This Movie if you accidentally catch sight of a mysterious unknown entity, you’ll end up killing yourself in a bizarre way. How a mother survives in such a post-apocalyptic world with her two children is what you’ll see. Brother, it’s intense and thrilling from the amazing start to the end, and your heartbeat will always be fast. Along with the 2018 sci-fi horror “The Bird Box,” its second part was also released “The Bird Box Barcelona” in 2023. You must watch it. If you want to experience something unique, its second part is available with Hindi dubbing.


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

If you want to play a murder mystery detective-like mind game, then this movie is for you. This movie, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” was released by Netflix in 2022. An invitation has been sent in a mystery puzzle box, inviting the world’s best detective for a weekend party. What is the detective’s job at a friend’s party? The twist is yet to come. Why was the detective summoned to the island? Is a murder about to happen or has it already happened? Has the game started before reaching the island? What is happening, after all? It is worth watching how a fun party turns into a murder mystery, and the specialty of such movies is when all the questions are answered in the end, it’s really enjoyable. You too, by watching this movie, can solve this murder mystery. It’s available with Hindi dubbing.

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In The Concluding Lines…

I trust you’ll find immense enjoyment in the carefully selected movies I’ve highlighted earlier. Indeed, streaming platforms present a diverse array of cinematic gems catering to every movie and series aficionado. Ranging from poignant dramas to exhilarating action, these films promise an unmissable viewing experience. Without prolonging this any further, let’s conclude this article. Now, grab your popcorn, settle in, and enjoy! Happy Streaming!

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