10 Best Video Players for Android in 2022!

Video players are an essential piece of software in our smartphones when it comes to watch movies and videos. Many of us generally have a huge collection of different movies and shows which are not only stored but also watched from our smartphones. To maximize the entertainment level, we need the best video player for Android that is free and packed with tons of features. So, to know all the best video players for Android which we have listed with details after doing research, you have to read the full article. Let’s know all the listed best video players for Android so that you can choose the preferable one to boost your entertainment.

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MX Player

MX Player has mostly gained popularity because of its streaming service. Nonetheless, as a video player, very few could compete with it because of its easy-to-use and simple interface. Tons of video format support, subtitle support, online subtitle downloadable facility, zoom in or out functionality, on-screen lock, on-screen brightness, volume control, gesture controls, and many more different features are enough to make this application one of the best video players for Android. Moreover, you can also stream tons of cool web series and TV shows while staying online. So, an app works as a video player and as a streaming service that is free to use. What more can you expect from a video player?!


You know VLC right? If you have ever used computers then VLC is there for ages – available in most of the operating systems. Android is also not an exception. In Android, VLC is also as optimized as it is in computers. It supports most of the video formats which has ever been released. VLC is perfectly capable of handling full-screen videos and has support for multi-track audio which helps you to switch between multiple audio languages in one movie file.

VLC also has the support of subtitle, built-in five-band equalizer, on-screen increase and decrease the volume and brightness settings. It also supports network streaming (including adaptive streaming) and media library organization. On top of that, VLC has a built-in music player which is also decent. To know more about it, read our Best Music Players for Android in the 2022 article. So, you can see, this app has numerous features to explore that you would surely love while using. It is basically a package of all these features that makes a video player best and hence, it is proved that VLC is surely one of the best video players for Android.


KMPlayer is another one of the best video players for Android that is from computers but ported into Android later. Since I have started using computers back in 2009, KM Player was on that PC. It is not just a typical video player rather it understands your mood. According to your mood, it let you help to create the environment of your movie night. Just like other video players, there is a subtitle option in case you can’t understand the language of the movie you’re watching. It is also possible to create playlists to watch later in case you forget your next ‘to watch’ list. On top of that, KMPlayer supports Chromecast, URL streaming, private server connections, playing music from the cloud.

Apart from these, KMPlayer has quite some features for VIP members. If you pay, you could unlock VIP themes, torrent playback, video and audio cropping, and an MP3 converter. In a nutshell, an excellent video player that you should consider using.


A video player with an integrated browser seems to look pretty strange but it will be extremely handy when it comes to watching videos online. Whether it’s from YouTube, Facebook, or from other sources, you can watch it through this video player app and even, you can even download those videos from those sites to watch them offline! As a video player, PLAYit has a super easy-to-use interface. PLAYit is completely free but advertisements are there to bother you sometimes. It also offers Music Player as well as a Video to Music converter and has an in-built 5 band equalizer in case you want to modify audio a bit. There is also a file transfer option available in PLAYit just like Xender or SHAREit. Video to music converter is a bit limited until you pay for that service. This payment also unlocks different backgrounds for the player and makes this a non-advert isement Application. So, there is no doubt why PLAYit is one of the best video players for Android that you should use if you want to play videos offline as well as online.


Nova Video Player

Nova Video Player is just another video player in our list of best video players for Android which is not only capable of playing video locally but also can play videos from the local networks using SMB, uPnP, or FTP. In terms of video playback, Nova Video Player supports all the major media file formats. It allows instant access to the recently added videos in your library and supports automatic retrieval of videos from where you left watching. If you want then you can turn it on manually. Just like in other video players, you can also download subtitles for that particular video you’re watching. The good thing about this player is it’s completely advertisement free so uninterruptable video playback for hours is definitely possible. So, in short, it’s a decent video player that you can also prefer to use.

Video Player All Format – XPlayer

Just like MX Player, PLAYit & VLC, XPlayer is also a very popular video player packed with handy features. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface just like some other video players in this list. Fetching video from the storage is automatic. Manual selection is definitely possible. It also has gesture support for play, pause, brightness control, volume control, fast forward, etc. You can capture frames from the video with this application which is an extremely handy feature to have.

It can play all video formats with ease, and users have also reported that it plays HEVC X265 without any lag. You can enable or disable subtitles for a video you’re playing just like other players in this list. Moreover, you can download subtitles from the internet if available. The feature you may like most is the advantage of the private folder. A folder where you can hide your videos safely on your phone. Thus, you can realize why this is one of the best video players for Android and why you should prefer to use it.

Night Video Player

Although it is just a simple video player, the reason for including this player is for those who don’t like the volume difference in movies and shows. You may have heard in different movies that action scenes are louder than quiet scenes like conversations or whispers. This is good for movie theatre but in-home especially at the night, it’s pretty irritating. Night Video Player basically automatically detects human voice and other sounds in the video and automatically suppresses the louder sound to a certain level where it doesn’t irritate much. Night Video Player has various audio-related features too such as voice enhancing, increasing speech volume, amplification, and normalization.

Night Video Player also works well on the voices of the video. You could feel the speech of the actors. Most of the video formats are supported by the player as well as the subtitles.

CM Player

CM Player is the lightest video player in our estimation. In just 2 MB, it might be the best video player! After opening the application, you will land on a file explorer just like most of the video players AMD then, you can find the video you want to play. This player supports most of the popular video formats like mp4, Mkv, hevc, etc. The simple interface offers most of the standard video player features – play, pause, resizing, playback speed, audio track, subtitle, and brightness and volume control using gestures. It also lets you share videos with others over Wi-Fi. Most importantly, there’s no advertisement for this little video player. So, if you need some lightweight and simple video player for your low-end smartphone then you should consider using CM Player.


Video Player All Format – Uplayer

It is an amazing all-rounder video player that is capable of not only playing videos but also is able to edit videos or even audio. You have the inbuilt video cutter, audio cutter, and an audio separator in this app. Like the rest in this list, Uplayer offers an inbuilt Audio equalizer, Playback Speed controller, subtitle support, Night Mode, Playback Timer, Video Casting to TV with Chromecast, Floating or POP-UP video player, video zoom in, duplicate video remover, and much more.

Most of the video formats are supported such as MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, WMV, RMVB, FLV, AVI, 3GP, TS, and on top of everything, 4K video playback is also possible with this application. Moreover, Uplayer also offers a background video player which works just like a music player. So, if you have a video song to listen to, you can easily play it through this application and turn your phone’s screen off as you normally do with a music player. If you want to get all of these outstanding features in a video player then this is the app you must use. It’s without any doubt one of the best video players for Android right now.

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Video Player

The eye-catching point of this video player is the security of private videos just like XPlayer. You can hide your private videos via PIN code & pattern and lock them in a secure vault. Even it is also possible to encrypt video files and place them in a safe place! In addition, this player has everything that others offer such as multi-track audio support, subtitle support, auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments gesture control of volume and brightness, etc.

The good thing about this app is, it doesn’t consume much RAM to work with so there is no device limitation. In terms of video and audio formats, most of them are supported. The Media library of this application is decent and you can find videos or even music pretty quickly because of its simple and easy-to-use interface.

Therefore, these are the top 10 best video players for Android that we suggest you use as per your preference. There are several more amazing video players available in the Play Store but the players we have listed here are best in our perspective and experience as they offer lots of features, fewer bugs, don’t need much space, and most importantly, don’t bother with lots of advertisements. Anyway, we hope that you have found this article on the best video players for Android helpful. If it really so then don’t hesitate to express your valuable thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for visiting and appreciating our work.

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