What is an eSIM? Things You Should Know

We all are always gifted something new, something unique and something necessary by science and technologies which are upgrading day by day and inventing the latest products. One of the latest technologies that we are discussing in this article i.e. eSIM. If you have looked into the new Apple iPhone 11 or Pixel 4 properly, you most probably have come to know about a unique feature available in this smartphone which is called eSIM. Maybe we are looking at that technology that will come handy in the near future through every smartphone and other identical devices like smartphones.

So, What is an eSIM?

Basically, eSIM or embedded SIM is a very small chip that is soldered on the motherboard of the smartphones or other devices like smartwatches. It is completely different from the contemporary physical SIM card that we use in our devices. As it is embedded in the motherboard, neither you can insert it with your own nor you can remove it. That means you can’t make any changes to it physically though it doesn’t mean you can’t switch your phone numbers or change the operators. An eSIM is a rewritable chip so you can easily switch your number or change the carrier. Actually, with this technology, switching is much easier than our traditional SIM card because here you can do those changes, sitting in your home just with the help of a phone call or an SMS.

Change the eSIM Carrier with Ease

You have to just go to the SIM settings, after some necessary setting change (Watch the video below) you have to scan the QR code which is provided by the mobile operator that you want to use and that’s it. You have successfully changed your operator. The full process is like this, first of all, you have to make contact with your preferable network operator like JIO or Airtel (In India), After submitting your identity proof like voter card or PAN card they give you a QR code to scan. After scanning it, there will some settings be available to change. This is the process that you can use to change your carrier, phone no or something similar.

Basically, you can do everything with eSIM which you can do with a normal SIM card. Though there are not many network carriers who are providing eSIM services, we can assume that after some years almost every operator will provide this service.

iPhone 11 with the feature of eSIM

What Can This Tech Provide?

If you are talking about its size, eSIM is so small. If you compare it with nano-SIM cards, it just a 1/3rd of a nano-SIM. So, you can assume how little this chip is. Now, here is a great advantage. As it is so small and also soldered onto the motherboard, it definitely takes lesser place than normal SIM cards and also for SIM cards, we have to use SIM trays which takes much space. So, in case of eSIM, the extra space that will left, can be used for other unique and latest features and technologies like increasing battery power or adding new components, even 3.5 mm headphone jack also may be added in the recent phones which makes a device more smart, more advanced, more convenient and also more beneficial. Therefore, this is arguably the best advantage that this technology provides.


Problems With eSIM

If you are talking about disadvantages, technically there are no disadvantages at all because the eSIM comes with exact same features like normal SIM cards until there is any problem in that eSIM. As it cannot be unremoved from the device, you can do nothing if there comes a problem in it because neither you can remove it from that device nor you can insert it in any other device to check whether it is the SIM’s problem or something else. So, this is a drawback of an eSIM. You can do nothing without simply using it.

Still, now, Google Pixel 4, Apple iPhone 11 and very few devices come with eSIM but we can hope after several years in the future, this facility will be used more in the devices that make these phones not smart but smarter! Therefore, this is all about “What is an eSIM? Things You Should Know”. I hope you all understand all the information regarding this topic. Thank you for appreciating my work.

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