What Do 5 ATM & 10 ATM Mean on a Watch?

You probably have heard about the terms “waterproof” or “water-resistant” on some expensive electronic gadgets like Android Phones, iPhones, smartwatches, fitness trackerss, etc. But do you know what do these terminologies actually mean & how do these work for the gadgets ? If you don’t, read the full article where I have explained the facts behind what these really mean and how they work. Now the actual fact is, waterproof is not water-resistant. The two terms are a little bit different from each other. Waterproof means Normal water never gets into the devices & water-resistant means normal water may get into the devices but in a few conditions. Basically, These depend on IP rating or IP code & ATM rating. In Android devices, iPhones, the IP rating defines their resistance to water. In smartwatches & fitness trackers, there is an ATM rating that makes definitions of how waterproof the device would be. The rating of your utile gadgets maybe 5 ATM or it may be 10 ATM or even more than that.

What is the ATM rating? 5 ATM, 10 ATM Explained

To answer this question, I will say; this is a type of rating which defines the Atmospheric Pressure on wearable electronic gears and gadgets like smartwatches and fitness trackers. Basically ATM rating determines the physical as well as liquid ingress in the devices of how much pressure a device can endure. ATM rating is certified by the manufacturer. Now, let’s take a quick look at the following chart to know about the ATM rating types, how much pressure can handle and precautions or safety points for beneficial uses. An important thing to know that 1 ATM = 10 meters of static submersion of water so, that means, for example, 5 ATM = 50 meters of static submersion of water but here in the chart, feet is used to make things convenient.

Samsung Gear 42MM Smartwatch is rated 5 ATM
1 ATM_Poor water resistance. Device should be kept away from water.
3 ATM~100 feetSuitable for everyday use. Protected against splashes, rain, water exposure during hand washing and so on. Do not use for swimming.
5 ATM~165 feetSuitable for short periods of submersion like light swimming.
10 ATM~330 feetSuitable for extended periods of submersion like one would experience snorkeling.
20 ATM~660 feetSuitable for high impact water sports like surfing, jet skiing and shallow dive trips.
Diver660+ feetRated dive watches are governed by and rated by ISO 6435 and outside the scope of this article.

For example, suppose the ATM rating of your brand new watch is 5 ATM so that means you can use it while light swimming, washing hands and in the rain. Even this watch can tolerate any short period of submersion in the normal water. In this way, you can know about how much your wearable products can endure. Now you must not drown your device into the pool all the time.

Watch under water

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Keep Your Gadgets Totally Safe From Water:-

You already have known about the ATM rating. Now from my concern, some safety points for keeping your devices safe within and without water are as follows –

  • For any kind of reason, if you submerge your smartwatch into the water then in that time don’t press any buttons.
  • The ATM rating for wearable gadgets is only for Normal water resistance not for seawater or any other liquids like soft drinks and something else. So it is safe to use your device in normal water. Don’t use it in the sea or water something like that.
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  • As I said in the last point that liquid ingress in ATM rating does not mean any types of liquids. Only normal water is suggested. So if your fitness tracker sinks into other liquids then it may damage your device as it can’t endure.
  • Another and last safety point is that every ATM rating is different from each other. 5 ATM is not 10 ATM obviously and also 10 ATM is not 20 ATM. So, suppose, if your device has 5 ATM that doesn’t mean that it can endure everything that endures 20 ATM. Therefore, make sure what ATM rating your gadget has and use it accordingly and also safely.

Watch the video below to know more about IP Rating and ATM Rating in Hindi.

I hope, you have known all the needed information about “What Do 5 ATM & 10 ATM Mean on a Watch?”. If any question still remains in your mind, don’t hesitate to comment in the down below.

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