Is Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media Necessary?

All of us have been advised to use the safely remove hardware option before removing or disconnecting any hard drives, SSDs or pen drives, etc. from our computers but majority of people don’t use this feature while disconnecting their computer’s external storage devices without knowing the importance of it because mostly they don’t see much of a problem in their storage devices but that certainly doesn’t mean your data will be fully safe and secure without using this icon. So, to aware of all of you, In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about what is the function of the safely remove hardware option? Why is it important to use? What will be the probable consequences if you don’t use it?

Know the Safely Remove Hardware Option:

Safely remove hardware or eject is an icon that is available in computers with OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. to make the attached external storage devices safely and securely disconnected from the computer before finally removing them. Just like Linux and other OS, even in smartphones, there is also an eject option so that you can firstly complete all the tasks beforehand and then you can click that option to disconnect the SD card and finally, you can remove it from your device.

to protect the data you can either use 'Safely Remove Hardware' or 'Eject' option

Increase the Chances Of Data Corruption:

The safely remove hardware or eject icon can be used for safely (as its name suggests) and securely put an end to all the technical connections between the external storage devices and the computer. You may have never used this feature on your computer and still, the data of your external hard drives or SSDs are perfectly fine.

Now, the question arrives in your mind that why should you use this option if there is a good chance that your data will be safe? The answer is; safety first. Though your data may be remained safe after you quickly remove your hard drives or SSDs without using the safely remove hardware, there is still a chance of data corruption remains. Yes! That’s right. If you don’t use this feature before removing the external storage devices, the data in them may become corrupted


Data Corruption can happen if you don't use safely remove hardware
Data Corruption

In most of the cases, the reason of data corruption is; if the storage device is in use. That means if you are moving some data in your storage device and suddenly you just disconnect it from your computer. In that case, there is a big chance of data corruption waits for you. So, you should never unplug the cable before using safely remove hardware option especially when the hard drive or SSDs are in use.

On the other hand, if your hard drives seem to be not in use that doesn’t mean, you don’t need to use safely remove hardware option. Sometimes, it may not seem that the storage devices are in use but in the background, they still are reading or writing data continually. So, it is always a safe and secure idea to use this eject option before unplugging it from the computer because it fully eliminates the chances of data corruption.

Be Careful while Using Write Caching

If you keep your computer “Write Caching” enabled in it then you must use safely remove hardware because ‘write caching’ increases the chances of data corruption from 30% to almost 90%. In case, if you don’t know what the term “Write Caching” is; write caching is a feature that improves your computer’s system performance by using the RAM to cache some data which are written later until the slow storage device becomes fast again. While caching is enabled, some data will be cached in the system for later use and if you don’t use the feature before unplugging the storage device, Windows will eliminate all the data and it will lead to data corruption.

Enable Write Catching
Write Catching

That’s why, when using better performance in Windows, make sure you eject your device so that Windows immediately transfer all the data that was stored for later use, to the disks. Now, you can assume how necessary to use the ‘safely remove hardware’ option is.

Safely Remove Hardware Is Essential
Use Safely Remove Hardware Always

Therefore, this is all about “Is Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media Necessary?”. I hope you all understand all the information regarding this topic. If still any queries remain, don’t hesitate to comment below. Thank you for appreciating my work.

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