8 Best Prime Video Web Series: Don’t Miss Any One

Prime Video offers an extensive array of web series that redefine entertainment. From thrillers to dramas, Prime Video has become a powerhouse of original content, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. In this article, we have gathered Prime Video’s best web series, exploring the masterful storytelling, stellar performances, and immersive experiences that will not allow audiences to leave the series in the middle. Join us as we journey through a curated selection of Prime Video’s finest, highlighting the must-watch series that have left an indelible mark on the world of digital entertainment. If you’ve missed any series from this list, make sure to watch it. We’ve added only the best to the list.


The number one series on the Best Prime Video Web Series list will directly touch your emotions with its astonishing storytelling. The never-give-up attitude of the characters is truly praiseworthy. This is not just a story; it will deeply connect with your emotions. Inspired by true events, a historical drama unfolds an epic adventure around the world through waterways, spanning many miles, even without much to eat or drink. The journey continues through the waterways without any land where they can rest until the destination is reached they just have to move on.

With its never-give-up attitude, the series depicts the perseverance and determination of the characters in their quest. Each character’s journey will leave a lasting impact on you, making it a must-watch. Available on Prime Video with Hindi dubbing, this series promises a captivating experience that will resonate with viewers on a profound level.

The Peripheral

The concept of the second series is undeniably futuristic. Through a game, viewers can connect with real life, with the possibility of even time travel. Released in 2022 on Prime Video with Hindi dubbing, this series, called “Peripheral,” introduces a futuristic stick concept. The story immerses you in a world of the future, where numerous futuristic and dangerous inventions have been made. In this world, you can create your own perfect peripheral.

The series explores the potential consequences if the advanced technology of that world were to infiltrate our own, highlighting the potential for widespread destruction. While the series may be a bit slow-paced at times, the compelling performance of the lead actress will keep viewers engaged throughout. “Peripheral” is available on Prime Video with Hindi dubbing, offering audiences an intriguing glimpse into a possible future.

Mr. Robot

A master hacker, capable of achieving anything with his hacking skills and more. This series offers not just entertainment but an immersive journey that delves deep into the world of hacking, where lives can be both endangered and saved.

Through its four seasons, starting from 2015, the crime thriller “Mr. Robot” provides a comprehensive education in hacking, from basics to advanced techniques. This gripping series gradually captivates viewers, refusing to release its hold until the very end.

With its compelling narrative and powerful performances, “Mr. Robot” is a must-watch, available on Prime Video with Hindi dubbing, offering audiences a thrilling exploration of the world of hacking.

The Terminal List

The story beautifully showcases a soldier’s patience and his sacrifice. Yes, I am talking about the 2022 action-friction series, “The Terminal List.” The story is based on a navy commander. In a mission, all of his soldiers died without him, due to big politics. After this mission, his wife and his little daughter are killed. Subsequently, a soldier sets out to take revenge on his family. As twists and terms are revealed, the series will just surprise you. The storyline is a little slow, but hold your patience, and I can guarantee that the story of this series will give you goosebumps. Definitely watch it, you’ll get to see the swagger of a soldier, available on Prime Video with Hindi dubbing.



Released on Prime Video with Hindi dubbing, this crime mystery drama spans across two gripping seasons. Set in the aftermath of World War II in 1977 America, a group of hunters embark on a relentless mission: to brutally eliminate Nazis. As the series unfolds, the mystery deepens, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eager for answers. Inspired by true events, the storyline captivates with its remarkable storytelling and presentation, drawing viewers into a world where justice takes a merciless form. With each episode, the series hooks you deeper, ultimately delivering a transformative viewing experience. Don’t miss out on this riveting journey.

The Boys

In typical superhero series or movies, the focus is often on the positive traits of the superheroes. However, in “The Boys,” this narrative is flipped entirely. Here, we witness a scenario where ordinary people, troubled by the actions of these superheroes, take it upon themselves to confront and dismantle them. What makes it intriguing is that these individuals possess no superhuman abilities. The series offers a unique and captivating perspective on the superhero genre, with elements of offensive language and adult content. Available on Prime Video since 2019, with Hindi dubbing across three seasons, “The Boys” delivers a thrilling blend of action and friction.

The Wheel Of Time

One of the most captivating scenes in this series is the special entry of our beloved Professor from Money Heist; it was truly goosebump-worthy. We’re discussing one of Prime Video’s most popular fantasy series, coupled with action and adventure, “Wheel of Time.”

“Wheel of Time” revolves around the prophecy of the Dragon Reborn, a tale of reincarnation. Set in a magical fantasy realm, the series portrays a world threatened by dark forces, risking global darkness. Moiraine, a member of a magical organization, embarks on a quest to find the Dragon Reborn and safeguard the realm. Immerse yourself in this thrilling adventure, transporting you to a realm of magic. Notably, the Professor’s impactful appearances toward the series’ conclusion have heightened expectations. While these are the only drawbacks, you can enjoy the series with Hindi dubbing on Prime Video.


The Lord Of the Rings: The Rings Of Power

The cinematography in the last series of the Best Prime Video Web Series list is truly beyond praise. It stands at a top-notch level, and I’m referring to the most high-budget series of 2022, the epic adventure drama “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.” This series depicts the story set a thousand years before “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” showcasing the origin of the first ring. It’s undoubtedly one of the highest-budget series to date, showcasing remarkable design and creation of a world from thousands of years ago. Each scene is crafted with perfection, showcasing the series’ high production values and cinematography. While the series may be slow-paced, taking time to develop each character, it’s best enjoyed on a big screen, allowing viewers to truly appreciate its budget and grandeur. If you haven’t watched this series yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.

In the concluding lines…

In conclusion, Prime Video offers a diverse range of web series that cater to every taste and preference. From crime dramas to fantasy epics, Prime Video has something for everyone. With top-notch storytelling, impressive cinematography, and stellar performances, these series have engaged audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a fan of intense thrillers, dramas, or action-packed adventures, Prime Video delivers quality content that keeps you engaged and entertained. With the convenience of Hindi dubbing and accessibility on various devices, Prime Video’s web series are a must-watch for any avid viewer looking for high-quality entertainment.

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